Friday, January 20, 2006

Log Yer Junk!

I posted this stuff in Junklog. You can list all of the stuff you're reading and watching, and put it in your blog. It's sort of distracting.

  • The Bookman's Wake (Cliff Janeway Novels (Paperback)) by John Dunning

    For a casual read, this one is pretty satisfying. Cliff Janeway is both cop and book geek, so you are sure to learn more about the world of book dealing than you ever wanted--in a hard-boiled sort of way. This should be fun for book collectors, Seattleites and fans of hard-boiled detective fiction.
    (tags: mystery detective)

  • Kung Fu - The Complete First Three Seasons

    This series shows us concepts and cinematography unlike anything else on television. I am always really pleased with the creativity and intelligence of each episode. Both excellent AND campy--how could you beat that?
    (tags: Shaolin Western Carradine)

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girlatheist said...

I went to that website, too. The first 2 that I logged were Gone with the Wind and The Jerk.