Thursday, June 19, 2008

One Ass-Kicking Rant from Check Your Premises

Soldiers and Warmongers are Cunts: A Rant

People have been so corrupted by State indoctrination that they can’t even figure out “thou shalt not kill” any more. We live in one fucked up world.

Get on your knees cocksuckers! You wrap your lips around the State’s cock, swallowing every fucking drop of propaganda that it ejaculates, and then profess your rapturous love for the cock that raped your lips. You let that cock rape you in the ass, making you bleed your freedom and your money, and yet, as you bite the pillow, you praise the rapist that scars you for life, you lick his penis clean, and you wash your wounds up so that no one can see how low you’ve gone.

And then you come up with your cum-stained faces to scream at us: LOOK HOW DIGNIFIED I AM! I SUPPORT MY COUNTRY! I SUPPORT MY ARMY!

Anarchists may be unpopular, but at least we have some fucking dignity.

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