Saturday, April 09, 2005

Did You Have a Bad Experience?

Dear Internet Diary,


Did you have a bad experience with your former church or religion that caused you to reject it and become an atheist?

This is a trick question. It's like asking, "When did you stop beating your wife?"

If one is an atheist, but was indoctrinated in a religion, there is little chance that something bad didn't happen. I mean, sure; whose Christian school-teacher didn't tell her that when God made people out of clay, He left some too long in the sun and "ruined" them, and that's where we get black people. The post-hoc assumption the theist desires to make is that the bad experience caused the atheism. The accusation in this is, "The atheist is only an atheist because he interpreted the bad actions of someone as Christianity itself. He/she is guilty of a logical fallacy."

Not that all atheists are logical.

What the Christian or Muslim or whoever is looking for is some kind of juicy gossip that might result in some love-bombing, Christian council, and maybe a good, down-on-your-knees, repentance session. The best possible answer is, "Why, yes! A Youth-Pastor/Priest molested me as a child." If that doesn't prove the truth of religion, I don't know what can! Luckily for the questioner, there are so many hundreds of thousands of these instances, their faith is safe. If a math teacher hurts you, does that make math untrue? If a baker yells at you, does that make cake any less delicious? If an astronaut clocks you, does that make the moon-landing fake?

Unfortunately for the questioner, there are other kinds of "bad experiences with religion." They're called the recognition of logical contradiction, moral and ethical problems, and "breaking the laws of nature." The Problem of Evil. The Argument from Non-Cognitivism. The most ethical priest, the most beautiful-sounding choir, and the tastiest church potluck Jell-O salads can't mask those bad experiences.


Aaron Kinney said...

Andrea Yates had a "bad experience" with religion: She listened to it.

Hellbound Alleee said...

Yes. If you can follow your religion to its logical conclusion, and you still have a bad experience, that`s a pretty good sign that you`re in the wrong religion.

breakerslion said...

BTW, the fallacy and refutation of this argument:

Q: "If a math teacher hurts you, does that make math untrue? If a baker yells at you, does that make cake any less delicious? If an astronaut clocks you, does that make the moon-landing fake?"

A: No, but if the person charged with saving and nurturing my alleged immortal soul turns out to be a walking talking piece of human excrement, it does not speak highly of the judgment of the church, and therefore puts all of its teachings in question. Furthermore, it puts the judgment of an allegedly infallible deity in question. If the deity is infallible, then its purpose was served by placing an asocial predator and rapist in a position of trust, and therefore the deity is not benign. If the (alleged) deity is not benign, then the deity is malignant, or at least adversarial. "Satan" is a word derived from a word meaning "the adversary". You are therefore worshiping Satan.

Anonymous said...

At the very least, it puts the judgement of the church into question. As that church is not supposed to have a judgement at all, because the scripture is absolute, that's a problem, no? It proves that the church uses secular judgement. Unfortunately, it also proves that it uses weak and subjective judgement.

Aaron Kinney said...

The only thing passed around in worship services more than collection plates, is doublethink.


terry said...

After five years it seems that nothing has been gained from this continuing tragedy!

Mental illness and religion combined to seal the fate of the Yates children. Andrea murdered her children while in their "innocent years" to prevent them from possibly burning in hell for eternity. She did not learn this false theology from her mental illnesses, she learned it from Christian churches. I have an email from the Billy Graham Evangelical Association stating that the childrens souls are presently in heaven with God. That is, she succeeded. Congratulations Mrs. Yates!

Andrea will be extremely disappointed to learn that this theology is a myth, and that she has been deceived. Anyone who ever supported or taught this false theology is partly responsible for the deaths of Noah, John, Luke, Paul, and Mary Yates; as well as others. I am partially responsible, and beg her forgivness.

I am not a phychiatrist and cannot affect the psychiatric element, but my free website debunks the immortal soul myth that all humans are born with immortality! Eternal life is the reward of the saved, not a birthright!

No one, mentally ill or otherwise, should be able to justify or rationalize the murder of children through their religious theology. If they can, and then receive positive feedback from great evangelists, then these murders will continue. The Yates case is not unique. Sadly, twenty-four such murders are detailed on the Memorial Page of, several of which occurred after the Yates murders. It continues!

Hellbound Alleee said...

Sure, all of it is justifiable, as long as you read it in the bible.