Wednesday, April 06, 2005

No, I'M a "True Christian!"

Dear Internet Diary,

From The Houstonian Online:

...a self-described "bible-believing preacher from Florida" has managed to cause disturbances at campuses across the country, and had sharp words for just about everyone present yesterday.

Bourgault, who has been escorted off campuses in the past by police, accused Sam Houston students of being "fornicators" and "masturbators," at one point unraveling a condom and waving it about as he spoke of AIDS.

"Brother Matt, are you saying that everyone in a frat is a filthy fornicating bum?" he asked himself. "No. Just most of them. Fifty-one percent or better. Ladies, if you are engaged in premarital sex, what does the bible call you? W-H-O-R-E. What does that spell? Whore!"

Students in the crowd initially brushed off Bourgault's claims by making jokes, however the mood quickly shifted as more people arrived and the situation became heated.

"This is not an accurate representation of Christianity," said Chi Alpha leader Kyle Volkmer.

"This man has not wept for this campus," he added.

Volkmer was among the most vocal of the protesters against Bourgault's message. He alternately read from a bible and refuted many of Bourgault's claims.

Other students broke into impromptu choruses of "Amazing Grace" and "Jesus Loves Me."

At one point, students, led by sophomore Eli Parker, formed a prayer circle (pictured left) in an attempt to drown out Bourgault.

"To everybody here, this is their new view of what Christianity is," said senior Duncan Chance. "This is not Christianity."

When asked why he and Bourgault had come to SHSU, James Bean replied simply, "To save souls."

The statement that most stands out in this article is "This is not Christianity." I can only imagine what terrible destruction Christainity could cause if Christians someday managed to acknowledge each others' Christianity! The mind reels.

But the funny thing is, this is precisely what Christianity is: a wacko in a public place shouting about fornicators. Any healthy college student should proudly proclaim his staus as a fornicator. But who was Jesus? One of the hundreds of Bourgalts on the dusty streets of Bibletown, shouting about fornicators.

These youth-group undergrads are covering their ears with their hands, singing "la la la la la," hoping no one notices the loud man reading from their own holy scripture. No amount of loud praying and praise songs can cover that up. Show some courage and honesty. Sure, you're all christians if you believe that Jesus was the son of god, was sanctified, was crucified, performed miracles, came back to life and flew up into the sky. But if you disagree with what he said, admit it and move on.

But thanks for listening, diary.


Jose Juan Paraiso said...

Well, If they say that god can provide anything, why do they need to ask money in the bus. Maybe it's best that they get a job than reading that Bible offen.

Nice blog.
John P.

Rachel said...

I know that you published this blog a year ago, but yesterday it came up in a search that also contained my blog so I read this. I'm really curious about how you even this article from our rinky-dink little school paper (which gives you the hint that I attend Sam Houston State). I was witness to the actual event the article was about, know the Chi Alpha members interviewed, and also witnessed a similar lunatic yelling about gays on campus this morning. With all due respect, you're wrong about Christianity and the ministry of Jesus. He did not run around crazy yelling at fornicators. Instead, he ate with them and befriended them, showing them love. That's what Christianity is supposed to be about: love. What Kyle Volkmer and Duncan Chance said about the man was correct, he was not offering an accurate representation of Christianity. I'm sorry that that representation seems to be the only one you've been introduced to.

Hellbound Alleee said...

Rachel, from where do you get your information about Jesus? I get mine from the Gospels. Check them out some time. The best part about them is that Jesus talks about how, if you don't love Him, you'll go to hell and have worms eat your stomach out, and you'll burn forever. He also said you should hate your family.

Then you tell me what a great guy he is, Rachel. Since I've already read all four contradictory gospels, all I can think is that you haven't read them at all. Sorry, Rachel, but what you heard from your friends at Youth Group has a little bit less credibility than the Gospels.

There's my "representation," Rachel. The love you speak of is not the same love as the kind most moral human beings acknowledge as being a wonderful thing. The "love" Jesus speaks of in THE GOSPELS is a bastardized, corrupted kind of love that doesn't exist in reality. It's "marantha," which refers to the "love between a slave and his master." I don't buy it.

Read your bible, and quit worshipping Aslan.

BTW: Jesus is a myth, born of rumour and a handful of saviors who performed all those neat miracles and palled around with "fornicators" long before this "Jesus" fellow was supposed to have. They even had the samed God-Damned nicknames. Jeez, I guess the Devil must have made this happen thousands of years before Jesus was supposed to have existed.

This is what happens when someone is more interested in Christianity than you are, Rachel. You'd better stick with what you think you know, because the truth is pretty disappointing, babe.

Dan Riley 32 said...

dear hellbound,

anyone can take words and make them fit into their own perception. when it comes to jesus, he spoke of many fundamental truths about human nature, and his version of love contradicts our own because we are flawed. there is no doubt that if we dont love the lord with our heart, soul, and mind that we are going to hell... which is why i chose to return to him. planet earth is merely a staging ground which can either be a preview of heaven, or merely purgatory for those destined for hell. god obviously doesnt want us fornicating, but not because he will rain fire down on us or damn us to hell, but rather protect us from broken relationships which result from having sex with people outside of marriage. tell me youve never broken up with a girlfriend/boyfriend, then heard about them banging someone else, and got jealous, or had a wierd feeling in your stomach. this also relates to how god looks at us. if we worship money, or cars, or our jobs, etc it is just like a wife cheating on her husband. in a sense, we are cheating on god. but because god's love is holy, he sent jesus to pay for our sins. because of jesus, we are no longer condemned but redeemed. it is through jesus that we have abundant life and are "more than conquerers". fanatics like the guy who was yelling at everybody at SHSU are not a true reprisentation of the living god. god is holy, and people are crazy, dont get the two mixed up.