Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I'm Above Criticism!

Dear Internet Diary,

I created this comic using Strip Creator. There are several such sites on the internet. I made the same basic strip maybe four times. Exhausting.

I made the comic because of a post I read on My Space. This girl thinks that we are "just like" bible-thumping fundies. I guess that's supposed to be the worst insult to hurl at us. I could go on about it, but why don't you check out my silly strip?

They Must Be Stopped!

And here is her post:

I am not here to judge anyone, I am actually a catholic myself, but I just want to throw this out there. Sometimes athiests and christians have a spectrum going on. There are the bible thumpers who refuse to believe anything other than christianity, they judge others for their beliefs and think you are going to hell if you don't go to church on sundays. My boyfriends church is like that and he hates it. And then there are the athiests who all they do is argue and won't listen to christians either, they are just as bad, all close minded bastards. They hate christians just because they are christians, they don't care that maybe the christians never bothered them.
I know you guys are all athiest and thats cool and all, i really could care less what people believe. I wouldn't care if you decided to worship lemons.
Do any of you guys get what I am saying? I hope i am not offending any one, but I am sick of both people telling me I am wrong. I DO believe in christ but i DON'T think gay people or who ever are going to hell. I don't like when when people think i am not christian enough, or, even worse, that I am going to hell because i am catholic and I am not a true christian, and I dont like it when people tell me that I am wrong for believing in god.
here is the bottom line everyone:
- I believe in Jesus christ
- i am catholic and will always be
- I will go to church when i feel like it
- i don't think sinners go to hell
- i don't care if you don't like what i believe
- you have the right to believe what ever you want to, and i expect the same respect
The last thing she said: "you have the right to believe whatever you want to, "and I expect the same respect": Non-sequitor, anyone?

This young lady is clearly oblivious to the irony in what she is saying. She claims to not judge others, yet here she is clearly saying that fundamentalist bible-thumpers and atheists are bad. She would never do what they do, which is criticize others and believe the bad stuff in the bible. Atheists are "closed minded bastards," either because they won't believe, even just a little bit, or simply because they don't agree with her. She is a true christian and therefore above reproach.

What she doesn't realize is that because she professes to be a Catholic, a christian, and a jesus fan, she endorses the teachings and beliefs of the catholic church, and its holy scripture. She says she does not believe sinners go to hell, yet Jesus, the one she worships, does. Matthew 18 shows it quite clearly. In the Sermon on the Mount, that lovely passage that even some Atheists say is beautiful, Jesus endorses the Ten Commandments and the penalties for breaking them: exactly what the bible-thumpers believe. Jesus was the biggest End-Times fundie bible-thumper of them all, and she worships him.

It seems strange that a person claiming to be tired of being criticized would come into an atheist discussion and insult them with what she assumes to be the worst insult you could give to an atheist: compare them to fundies. But I don't think she's tired of it. I think she craves it. She's obviously getting something out of it, whether it is the rush of anger, the motivation that comes from it, or simply the attention. I don't feel the need to criticize that.

Bottom line for me: "Judge Not lest ye be judged?" I never ask to not be judged. I welcome it. I hope you do too. It's called Being an Adult.

Thanks for listening, diary.


Rev. Barky said...

Wow! I have an intelligent agnostic friend that sounds just like this, but I think he's really Catholic. I am always suspicious when the goody-goodys start out with "I am not judging, or criticizing anyone..." This is a classic Xian verbal disarming tactic and is a key element to the success of its influence. I guess it easier than slipping you a mickey....

(Alleee, I may be guilty of influencing you to misspell non sequitur since I intentionally spell it wrong for my pseudonym - maybe I should change it?)

Hellbound Alleee said...