Friday, June 17, 2005

Information about the crackpot spam on your blogs:

I have done a search on the text in the "Hashishan Prophet" spam, and I found some info. Here is my response on my last comments, so you can see for yourself:

Anyway, I found this site as the source of the Polar stuff:
Survive 2012

The monkey-horde thing is from chapter (LXVII) of the Yuddhakanda--the monkeys are fighting for Rama. I think they are the good guys.

And Ted Jesus Christ is here:
Ted Jesus Christ God
on our own site.

Here is a page where you can find the Jesus is Satan stuff:
Jesus is Lucifer
It's looking a lot like Gene Ray.

The last site is THE site to see, which makes me wonder if I have an auditioner here?
Anyway, it seems that the crackpots can't even come up with their own material anymore.


Aaron Kinney said...

What a bunch of nutjobs! Good for us though, as they serve as evidence to support our arguments.

breakerslion said...

People tell me that I'm long winded. So I'm only going to say, "OY VEY! Anybody up for a nice batch of Kool Aid?"

hashishan prophet said...


My message was and is revealed to all every day in every Universe. You are called to be a disciple! Hurry hurry there is no time!!

My name is Sara and I am a female presence. I AM before all.

God??!! Is that who I might be? You know that feeling you had ... that was the Truth and that was my radiant call. You know the truth - I will not be tempted by lies. I am beyond tempting and I have STRUGGLED with Satan and with the so-called Christ, KING of Monkeys!

I AM the first feminine force and I AM all that ever was or to be. Alpha and Omega and Tau.

Francois Tremblay said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hellbound Alleee said...

Sorry, that was me.

I am a feminine presence, and I am the messiah, if you DARE to listen to my show on July 1. All will be revealed by the Prophet Alec Chiu.

ALLEEE is the divine. YOU, woman, are a fool. You are a goat-kid, suckling at a nanny goat's teat. Your mind is addled. The Divine Alleee has no time to pity you.

hashishan prophet said...

I HAVE heard your "show," and foresuffered all. It is all lies and demonic hallucinations.

I AM the LORD thy God and thou shalt have no other god before ME!!! My feminine presence exceeds yours as far as the stars in the sky -- it is the vast and greedy cunt of all-devouring time.

And, Time, yes. You will have all the time in the world to contemplate my majesty, more time than you can bear. ;)

It is I who PITY you, monkey-prophet. But your blasphemy will never be forgiven. It was you who exiled me to the low station I hold at present. BEHOLD MY GLORIOUS TRIUMPHANT RETURN!!!

hashishan prophet said...

Why does 2 + 2 = 4? Because it is my WILL!!!

Skull_Duggery said...

Holy Crap! So how come this entity has the name Hashish? Anybody else notice that? If you were to burn her blog would you get high?

Aaron Kinney said...

hashishan prophet, you make bold assertions, but you do not back them up whatsoever.

Hashish-smokin prophet, HERE is a real challenge for your messianic ass:

Dont TELL us about your powers, DEMONSTRATE them instead!

I call you a fucking nutjob and I hereby deny you as any deity or lord. I am an infidel, and I say you are nothing more than a wacko loser and/or attention seeker.

I challenge you to strike me down for my blasphemy! I will your continued spam/propaganda as proof that you are nothing other than a lunatic. If you are anything remotely close to what you say you are, you will punish me with miraculous Godly vengeance for my blasphemy.

Aaron Kinney said...

Why is it that all the atheists allow comments on their blogs, when the theistic lunatics like Manata and Hashish here have no comments posting on their blogs?

Hashish, you are a fraud. I dare you to allow comments on your blog instead. I even let your spam remain on my comments section. You play unfairly, like a spoiled little baby :P

Hellbound Alleee said...

"It was you who exiled me to the low station I hold at present."

I AM YOUR PIMP! *slap*

Hellbound Alleee said...

" HAVE heard your "show," and foresuffered all. It is all lies and demonic hallucinations. "

It is THEE who is the liar, wench! Thou hast pronounced plethorous piles of putrid prevarications! Convince me! Tell me which show you've listened to, and for how long, which topic was discussed, and why you think it was dreamt by Azazel the fallen angel. That will be one fewer of your lies, Slattern!