Sunday, July 17, 2005

New Audio Parody

I finally finished it: my parody of the Jack Chick tract, Bewitched! (26 mb).

I think I managed to improve my skills doing this thing, ever so slowly.

It was a hell of a process. I think that if I could get people to record their parts faster, I could get one of these things done in a week, once the script is set. But, what do you know--people have lives.

But I could do these things full-time. I wish I had a good studio and a bunch of locals. Maybe I should start bugging the folks at the McGill radio station. Hm...

Anyway, here's a version at 40 kbps.


breakerslion said...

Nice! Thank you. I especially liked the attention to small details, like the lobster and the demon that sounded like a Muppet. I'm sure old Chick would have put them on his incredibly vast shit list if he had thought of them. Just now I imagine he is poring over the Bible, looking for a passage that proves that Nikes are satanic.

Rev. Barky said...

Darn, it says it too busy right now.

Hellbound Alleee said...

Try using this link: