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Dear Internet Diary,

We all need help to get the best out of life. I need a financial advisor as I don't understand all that accounting stuff. I need doctors as I don't understand all that medical stuff. I need Jesus because I don't understand all there is to know about life and eternity. ---Trevor Hawes: Introduction to Christianity

Does his financial advisor know all there is to know about accounting, and, if he did, is it his job to teach you everything there is to know? If you did know "all that medical stuff," (and it's possible to find out an awful lot) why wouldn't you still need a doctor? To this person I would have to ask why it is necessary to know all there is to know about life and "eternity?" Why does this person presuppose this need to know? Do people just assume that after we die, there is a "we" that finally gets to hear all the answers?

And, taking a page out of Douglas Adams, what exactly is the question?

Mr. Hawes, how would you feel if you found out that Jesus is not going to tell you all the answers to life's questions? (Is that in the bible?) Would it matter, since you don't know all the questions? Is it painful for you, right now, to not know?

I need Jesus because I cannot bear meaninglessness, my sinfulness, and my inability to better myself.--Josh McVey

My instinct is to challenge him with the idea that the world is full of believers of meaningless religions and meaningless gods. How sad that is! Entire countries of the devout towards meaninglessness! Yet, I agree. I think gods are all meaningless. I just think his are, too. Not that this would be the best thing to say to someone who sounds sort of depressed and lost. I would have to argue that he can better himself, very easily, and perhaps a "better him" is not too far away. (I can think of one way!)

Six Reasons to Believe in God -- Every Student
1. Does God exist? Throughout history, in all cultures of the world, people have been convinced there is a God.

Yes. Many people believe in gods. Note I am saying "gods," not "a god," as they have. Are they making arguments for believing in Vishnu and the Hindy panoply? If so, heed thine own arguments, Christians.

2. Does God exist? The complexity of our planet points to a deliberate Designer who not only created our universe, but sustains it today.

If complexity is an argument for design, then God must have a creator. Who created God? Of course, the creator of God must be infinitely more complex than an infintiely complex god. Wow. That blows the mind, doesn't it! and on we go.
3. Does God exist? Mere "chance" is not an adequate explanation of creation.

First of all, it is not creation. "Mere chance" is a strawman. Invalid argument.

4. Does God exist? Humankind's inherent sense of right and wrong cannot be biologically explained.

Do I have to? We went through this before, and apparently many atheists agree with this statement. Too bad for them. I do not. But of course, the statement "sense of right and wrong" is not the correct phrase. Lets not have another flame war. A sense of value is biologically inherent.

5. Does God exist? God not only has revealed Himself in what can be observed in nature, and in human life, but He has even more specifically shown Himself in the Bible.

What can be observed in nature is natural process. Obviously, other religions have interpreted natural process to be the result of whole populations of animal and human gods, and that the earth and sky are gods themselves. What they call "apparent" is merely cultural perspective (thanks, David Eller). So are bibles and scripture. The Vedas reveal a whole lot more gods than the Jewish/Christian bible (although it seems even this has several gods). The Hindus win! Jesus--these people really think they can ghet away with that suck argument? The bible? Wow. Just, wow.

6. Does God exist? Unlike any other revelation of God, Jesus Christ is the clearest, most specific picture of God.

And Jesus was an amalgamation of earlier godman myths, evolved from Mithraism, Greece, Egypt, China, etc. It's all been told before, over and over, about different guys with different names and different religions.

So they are claiming their god is the best god, eh? So I guess they only have five (bad) reasons to believe in God, since it sort of cancels out their reason numero uno: "C;Mon! Everyone else does it! Why don't you?"

Piss poor. Sorry for the sad leavings today, folks. I'm running out of steam today. Maybe it's all this Live show stuff.


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