Monday, September 19, 2005

Christian: Nothing Matters

Sorry for re-posting comments on the main section of the blog, but this kind of thing gets my nanny:

Christian Theist says:
"Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her." (Eph. 5:25)

"Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them." (Col. 3:19).

Perhaps the church has treated women poorly, but Jesus Christ would never approve of it. It's actually illogical, given the Christian position, for Christians to treat women poorly. On the atheist worldview, treating women like animals makes sense (women would be just evolutionary blobs of material stuff). The atheist cannot justify universal, invariant laws of morality by which we can know that treating women poorly is wrong.

Alleee indignantly replies:
Christian theist:

if you cannot find a reason to treat women well without using THE BIBLE, then you aren`t looking past the nose on the end of your face.

I don`t care if Jesus loved the church, whatever that means. The fictional character of Jesus thought everyone who wasn't an Israelite was like "dogs." (Matthew 15:21-28:)

Jesus spoke for the old scripture. The old scripture which viewed women as vessals, just like the urinals we see in the picture.

The old scripture that said that if you raped a woman, your "punishment" was to marry her. The old scripture that said if a woman did not cry out during rape, they both are stoned to death. (Deuteronomy 22:23-27)

The old scripture that put monetary worth on those "piles of matter," men at sixty sheckels and women at fifty. (Leviticus 27:1-)

The old scripture from the "church" that Jesus so loved, that said that a woman on her period is "unclean," and everything she touches is "unclean," and that she has to make the priest an offering of pigeons or turtles in order to be "clean" again.

The gospel scripture that says a woman's promise is null and void if her husband disapproves of it. (Numbers 30:12)

And finally, the old scripture that says women and girls are the spoils of war. (Deuteronomy 20:13-16)

Jesus was fond of doing commercials supporting this old scripture. He couldn't get enough of his beloved scripture.

The cartoon character Jesus was not my friend. The cartoon character Jesus spoke for a theology that says that nature is corrupt, and we must fight against it, against the world. That's evil.

I'm sorry that you cannot deal with the fact that people and things are made of other things. How you come to the conclusion that being made of other things makes them worthless, I do not know, but it shows that it is you who thinks that people are worthless, not me. "Atheism" does not need to "justify" your beliefs. You're the one whose supposed to try and do that. Reality, however, already justifies the fact that you treat others well in order to live in the world.


Christianity does neither make people do good, nor does it do much for advocating it. Too bad, eh?

Although I have my doubts that the Christian actually believes this, I have to wonder how this worldview can possibly allow the believer to function in society, in following this to its logical conclusion.

In this worldview, where, if things are evolved and not filled with ghosts and spirits of the Heavenly Supernatural Realm, then they are meaningless blobs. That means that the Christian, when he gets up in the morning, gets out of bed for no reason other than the fact that God is making him. He cleans himself for no other reason than a command, or, actually, the hand of god holding his arms and washcloth. His kiss to his wife or children is not self-motivated: the ghost inside of him makes him do these things. That's because evolved humans cannot possibly love or value their children or mates on their own. Only the ghost does. (What an empty gesture that seems to me, this directed kiss.)

The man has no values at all. The man/organism, I mean. Only the ghosts, playing about in our universe, pulling us about like marionettes. Our emotions, our values--all just a puppet show for God.

Here's an atheist justifying actions and choices: we have values because matter matters. It is substance that has value. In that I include everything in the universe. The ghosts and spirits have no value or substance because they do not exist. Humans should pay them no mind and concentrate on giving some fucking appreciation for the world, rather than whining and crying that it's just not good enough for them. It's like a whining bride who sees a towering, beautiful wedding cake being cut by her loving, handsome groom, and crying that the cake isn't made of solid gold and her groom isn't Jude Fucking Law---with magical powers, of course.

Matter matters.


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Well put.

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Damned straight.

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