Thursday, October 27, 2005


It's time yet again for the Wisdom of the Web:

Cala Says:
And I believe in Satan because I believe that all people are at least a little evil, and that has to come from somewhere. Remember, it's easier to do bad than good (for the most part, at least).

It's easier to murder a loved one than to let a resentment go? It's easier to rape someone than to find someone to willingly sleep with you? It's easier to kill a bunny rather than to pet one?

If the evil has to "come from somewhere," why then is it easier to do it? It seems like she wants us to believe that evil is laziness. But an awful lot of "evil" takes quite a bit of effort.Especially those Bond villains. Their evil is so elaborate, the elaboratness is what foils their plans.

Dman08 says:
I believe in Satan because I have to he and God go hand in hand, I can't just believe in heaven and not hell.

Why not? Does he mean that God and Satan are equals? Why can't he imagine an all-powerful God can create an afterlife for the righteous, and just death for the rest of us? This kid's God is totally bound by supposedly his own laws. This belief shows lack of imagination and ambition. My verdict: silly.

Fan Site for "Fear of God":
I believe in Satan. Because the devil or demons often show up in some people and lead them or literally "suck" them dry. I think this is horrible, bat unfortunately it is true that the evil does exist. This has absolutely nothing to do with satanism. People who do such things are completely immature. It's just some kind of short term interest they will reject a few years later."

In other words, they heard that demons possess people: probably on TV or from the little boy down the street or something. I have never heard that a demon can "suck you dry." I thought demons sucked out souls, not moisture. If anyone has heard a report of a discovery of a dried-out corpse that wasn't found on top of a mountain or in Egypt, let me know. Then we will know for sure that "Dementors" are real.

If this person believes so deeply in demon possession, what makes him any less "immature" than the "people who "do" what he calls "Satanism?" He sounds like a satan-worshipper. Hopefully this is a short term interest.

Darkechilde says:
I believe in Satan because for all the hate and evil corrupting are world it must be bigger then it seems. If theres a greater good like the Christian God or the Goddess or whatever u believe there must be a greater evil. I was just wondering if anyone still thinks Satan exists.

Again, another person who thinks the "forces of evil" are equal to or greater than the "forces of good." Monotheism is not supposed to teach that concept. There is supposed to be only one god. But it seems that the religion does a better job at teaching its pagan roots than its supposed "good news" of the Gospels. Zoroastrianism wins, Christianity loses.

Yarddog 54 says:
believe in God because He came to me and revealed Himself to me. I hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and I have experienced the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I believe in Satan because I have looked directly into his face and I have felt the repression of his demons.

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs! I wish he'd have told us what Satan's face looked like. Unfortunately, dreaming often masks faces, even when we look directly into them.

He continues:
But you may go to sleep tonight and God decide to reveal Himself to you, like He did me.

What did I tell you?

Haswitch says:
you see, I believe in the Devil because I've seen him working through men (and women), and I believe convincing people that mad greed was OK was his SECOND greatest trick. That is SO not what Christ said...and the people running this show convince everyone they are on the side of Life because they oppose abortion and don't deal well with gay folks. I don't remember Christ even referencing those issues much. He had a bit to say about greed though...

Christ didn't talk about abortion much, but Yaweh sure liked 'em!
You're possessed when you say "greed is OK," but you're damned well Godly when you demonize others.

So, if you want to be as Godly as Haswitch, I'll give you a chance right now. I'm wearing the horns right now to make it easy for you.

Greed is OK. Especially for poor people. It's good that they want more for themselves. Because greed doesn't have to be limited to goods. Greed can mean you want more and more of anything you value. I am greedy for peace, reason, progress, and beauty. So go ahead. Watch the Devil working through me. And then go ahead and think you're superior to those demonic anti-gay and anti-abortion people, because your condemnations are going in the right direction.


Evil Homer 666 said...

This is interesting. I for example have personally met Jesus the Son of God!!
And I also get to see the Devil. The Son of God comes every month to pick up his psychotic medication, and the Devil usually comes after school to get counseling at our youth program.

I work at a mental health agency ^_^;

breakerslion said...

Hey evil homer:

So you've personally met Jesus... Is he now your "personal savior"? I mean, does he fit nicely on a bar and serve one? Oh wait, that's a personal pizza. Does he contain hot water and tea? Sorry, that's a samovar. Let me look up what a personal savior is supposed to do and I'll get back to you.

Evil Homer 666 said...

Well, as far as the whole experience of meeting Jesus, I was really expecting him to be taller. Satan on the other hand, now that was a young individual who could command respect! At least before his mom carried him away in a beetle. The Egyptian influence I guess…

Aaron Kinney said...

Wow, its getting all devilish up in here!

Some of these people are too much. Gee, theres lots of evil, so there must be Satan!

Clearly, these Satan loving people are just rebellious Christians. If they believe in Satan then they believe in the Judeo-Christian God and that means that they are, technically, Christian.

Thats why I prefer the LaVeyan brand of Satanism. Much more intelligent IMO.

Halloweens coming! I cant wait!

Evil Homer 666 said...

I find LaVeyan Satanism much more smarter as well. Perhaps a bit brutal, but then again is not like the world is nice and peachy all the time. Plus they have the guts to admit we are all animals and not pretend to be above them like most Christian sects do.

Love Halloween!!

Anonymous said...

Hello you guys. I consider myself a Christian, though I think I am waaay more secular and shallower than you guys. It's not that hard, really. My reality implies that I have to hustle, so I do. I let my conscience be my guide, and I am prepared to justify (explain) myself to God when I stand before Him.

As for actual practicing Christianity? That's a little less black-and-white. Here, read this.

And yes, Satan does exist cuz the Bible clearly says so in many places.