Monday, November 28, 2005

The Atheist Church

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Spend some time in church today. Even the irreligious amongst us can appreciate the sanctuary that church provides, away from the hyperkinetic madness of modern life.

I went to the movies. I get a tremendous sense of peace, introspection, and clarity while watching a great movie

As of right now, I can't think of a gathering place that is better than that. Is church supposed to be about peace and clarity, though? It should be. It's hard to not just assume that church is supposed to be a place of peace and meditation, where one can find clarity of thought so one can evaluate one's life and actions.

That's what it should be, but I think not.

How could it be? The Church doesn't want your mind cleared. The church doesn't want you to personally evaluate, through clarity of thought, your own actions. The church (christianity, islam, mostly) wants you to give up any idea of reason or judgement. Even in a movie theatre, you have to use your own judgement. Although it could be as close to church as you can get. If you're talking about a mediocre, yet entertaining movie. A really good movie? You have to use your judgement throughout. /........

What the fuck?

While I was writing this, Francois sounded concerned in the other room. "Don't take too long," he said, "this thought won't stay in my head forever."

Ok, I thought. I continues typing.

He comes in the room, a wild light in his eyes.

"TOO LONG!" he said. "TOO LONG!"

He stares at the screen. I stop typing and look at him. "But I'm, I..."


He grabbed my wrist and took the keyboard out of my hands, and began typing.

"SIGH," he said.

"You have a problem," I said.

"SHUT UP! Mumble mumble...mumble....okay, I'll fix it later." And he went on his merry way.

So much for all that stuff about ego and self being an illusion. When he was done, he said, "It's still not as good as it was in my head."

I hope Jungian analysts don't read this. Field day. But then again, I felt it was important to tell you about this experience, and I should be going out right now. Oh well.

What did he type?

"Traditional modelizations of morality and moral development are heavily constrained by the closed-ended approach of absolutism brought about by religious thought, and because of this priviledge a result-based approach - the what. But this is heavily incompatible..."


Aaron Kinney said...

Heh heh heh that was funny.

breakerslion said...

Paper? Pencil?

Francois Tremblay said...

Fuck you man. I can't write as fast as I think. ;)