Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Question of the Day #1

Are some ghosts retarded?


Aaron Kinney said...

LOL good question. Assuming that ghosts are similar to the "Ghostbuster" variety, then yes they are retarded.

Thomas said...

I think you could make a good case for the Holy Ghost being retarded. The fact that Jesus doesn't mind being made fun of himself, but sends to Hell all who blaspheme his little baby brother, makes me wonder if the H.G. is perceived as being a little slow. He does like to fly around as a dove, and he doesn't talk much, except in "tongues." Makes you wonder...

breakerslion said...

I think you could make a case that all ghosts are retarded.

1. They are, by definition, airheads after all.
2. No ghost has ever completed a Stanford-Binet IQ test, suggesting that they are unable, or they are embarrased by their lack of intellegence.
3. They work for free at "haunted" tourist attractions when they could easily negotiate a salary. Ok, at first look you would not think that money could interest a ghost, but they could hang around and watch rented movies, donate to their favorite charities, hold seances to talk to their friends...

I wonder what one of those "haunted" tourist traps would do if somebody represented themself as the ghost's agent and tried to negotiate a contract?

Then again, maybe all ghosts aren't retarded. I mean, as one cartoonist pointed out, there had to be a Casper the friendly boy before there was a Casper the friendly ghost. So, if all ghosts were retarded, and a retarded person died and became a ghost, would that person become a supernatural super-retard? It just doesn't seem fair!

Rev. Barky said...

Probably not.

1. There is no scientific proof that ghosts exist. Since a ghost exhibits no physical phenomena, there would be no way of interacting with one and therefore would, essentially, not exist.
2. If there was some way of detecting one, there has been no research dealing with the pathology of phantasmagorical dementia.

Hellbound Alleee said...

OK. I asked this question in a hypothetical assumption that ghosts exists.

Ghosts do not exist.

But if they did, and they came from dead people, why haven't any ghosts been retarded? The ones we hear about.

If a retarded person dies, why can't they become spirits?

I say we have an ADA for ghosts.

Now, I have seen depictions of insane ghosts, and incredibly clinically depressed ghosts. Why not a Tourette's ghost, or a severley (or mildly) autistic ghost? Don't mentally impaired people have unfinished business? Is that the trouble? How about Down's Syndrome?

My answer is that there aren't retarded ghosts for the same reason people's "past lives" tend to be very interesting or famous (and never retarded): they come from people's imaginations. And people are stupid and unimaginative.

The end.
Now write a story about a retarded ghost.

breakerslion said...

I'm trying out a new genre called the ultra-short story. Here goes.

It always happened on one of those cold November days. There would be rain, and the windshield wipers slap-slapping. Somewhere in the middle of the route, after being hit with that inevitable gust of cold air for maybe the sixth or seventh time, I would look in the rear-view mirror and there he would be. Always sitting in the same seat, second from the back, rocking back and forth. The faintest outline of a hand trying to shove what looked like a crayon up his nose... The Ghost of the Little Bus!