Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Who is creepier?

Make them go away, Mommy, make them go!

Shouldn't she stop with this perversion and simply find solace in the Lord Jesus Christ?


MoNoMo said...

I don't know who has the hottest sex -- this lady with her sailor friend, Pope Ratzinger with his Swiss guards and Marian trinkets, or you with your smarty-pants, heavy-breathing "non-Randist" yet fellow travelling boy-toy.

All I know is I'm not getting any these days, and I don't really want any. I've been getting offers, though. I look fucking hot with my J.C. medallion.

Hellbound Alleee said...

Well, Miss Maureen who wears grey dresses with lace collars and who wears a swimsuit in the shower so she won't catch a glimpse of herself, why don't you get a vibrator? Be sure to clean off the yeast between uses.

People who whine about "not getting any" usually don't recognize their lack of hygiene skills. It's called "Monistat." Look into it.

Rev. Barky said...

That reminds me of when someone was pulled over for having a mannequin in the car so they could use the carpool lane on the freeway ramp. Nowadays, people just take it anyway because cops don't seeem to enforce it anymore.

And another thing ... spaghetti noodles are shorter than they used to be. Why can't they make em like they use to? I've a mind to write to my congressman about that....

Hey, here's that button I've been looking for!

breakerslion said...

They're altogether oookie! All she needs is Alan Alda's stuffed dog to complete the family portrait!