Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Mixup: Bugs Bunny Vs Elisabeth Claire Prophet

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Since we will be interviewing a member of the Prophet family, and a former member of the Church Universal and triumphant, I thought I'd give this little mixup a try. I mixed a holy sacred chant with Bugs Bunny calling a square dance. Hope you don't mind.
Shake Like a hound dog, shake again,
`till I AM one with the Violet flame

You should look up Church Universal and Triumphant in Google. Or you could just listen to our interview with Sean Prophet on Saturday evening on The Hellbound Alleee show



breakerslion said...

You're killing me!

Aren't you afraid that the cult following will come after you? If someone points a gun at you and a flag comes out that says "Bang!", you'll know it was the Bugs Bunny cult that was offended.

"Bow to your corner, step on her toes, pull her hair and tweak her nose."


Hellbound Alleee said...

I'm more afraid of Time/Warner/AOL than I am of the Church Universal & Triumphant.

stoneface1927 said...

BEVARE!!! It is not Time/Warner/AOL you should fear -- but dark draconian kingdom of the "rodent,"

It is THEY who own the wascally wabbit.

BEVARE!! Take care. BEVARE!

Mikki said...

I love your show (I just started listening to it). That chant was so funny, I didn't know it was Bugs until after I listened to it.