Monday, January 02, 2006

Top Hellbound Alleee Search Terms (today)

Stephen Turroff
Troy's Mixtape of Love
Naked Jigsaw Puzzles (???)
Naked Girl Bound (same page)
Stealing my Church Lady image from Insolitology
Ted Jesus Christ God
White Jade Blogspot
Naked Girls

OK: so, next time I want to get a lot of hits, I'll be sure to use words like "naked" and "bound," and "girls" a lot. Because, you know, I really want to have a lot of porn surfers reading my blog. Who wouldn't?

Seriously, though, welcome, porn surfers. I hope stumbling upon this blog has been better than frustrating, but I fear it is. My advice is to try using quotes around what you want to search for, like "naked jigsaw" or "bound girls" or whatever you think the porn sites might actually phrase it. Also, don't bother with crap searches like MSN . Go google. Always google it.

Horses (well, it takes all kinds)
Octopus (see above)


John said...

Hi there, good post and an enjoyable read,

See you again soon

breakerslion said...

You mean, those cherubs were... NAKED!!!! What, did you Photoshop the robes on so that you wouldn't be accused of... KIDDIE PORN!!!! Or, do we need a FREE ADULT-ONLY ACCOUNT?

There, that should get you a few more hits. The Network Vigilantes might swing by and get a grin for their trouble too. Of course, if someone has a FOOT FETISH! all that Christian art might set them off.