Friday, March 10, 2006

It's Time Again for: Duping Young Women, with Hellbound Alleee

Dear Internet Diary,

It looks like I've been living in a different world than everyone else.

I've been playing podcasts about libertarian and market anarchy issues on my station,, and the last few days, the podcasts were about feminism, and how it has duped the modern woman into thiking she can "have it all, and that she doesn't need men.

Now, I respect the hell out of Stephan Molyneux, of Freedomain Radio, "The logic of personal and political liberty," and I have to admit I was not able to listen to the entirety of his 4 podcasts about this, and I haven't even discussed it with him. But this blog is all about writing what has been bothering me, so off I go.

I don't know what he's talking about. Women entering the workforce in the seventies? Women being fooled into thinking they can have it all by "feminism?" Who is this feminism person, and why did she lie to me? And how come I can't find any women in my family tree who weren't part of the workforce? Bothmy grandmothers worked outside of the home, and once you get beyond that, they worked their tails off plowing and pitching hay. And, where were the women in my life who knew nothing about their own reproductive systems and weren't aware that babymaking time is prime when you're still young and stupid? What planet do I live on?

If you heard my last entry, you may have noted that the pastor of my church said women should "never go to college, because that would make them think, and we don't want women who think." My mother was discovering 2nd-wave feminism in those years. I wish she had made a tougher stand against our pastor, but it seems the social pressures were too much for her. In 1979, my family needed a new car. They wanted in to be my mom's car, but the dealership did not allow her to be the name on the title. Of course, everything had to be in my father's name. Just thinking the thought that this was unjust made a person a "women's libber" back then.

I never read the literature. I never took women's studies. But this is what that imaginary "feminism monster" taught me: that I could make independent choices. I could take birth control. I could be in charge of my own sex life. Silly things, like I could go to a restaurant alone, or play the electric guitar. But the important fact is that if you don't want your greatest achievement to be making babies, you don't have to. If you want to do the family thing, you can do that to, but most importantly, if you want to be a bachelor, you have every right to be one, and it doesn't make you a terrible, low-quality person. Fact is, having a baby because you're "not getting any younger" seems like a pretty stupid reason to me. I'm glad more women are waiting until they are older. Science is adapting, and people are adapting. More people are deciding not to have children at all, and if you've been to a warehouse store lately, you'd be thankful. How many babies do we really need to be having right now? Please don't think it's your duty to poop puppies because the smarter people are opting out and dumber people are populating the earth. We're talking about a human being here, people, not a cause.

I think my problem is that I am allergic to people talking about "finding quality men while there's still time." This was not much of an issue for me. I was a bachelor until I was 37 years old. I never wanted children. I married a man 11 years younger than me. (And no, I was not an "eagle," lying in wait to entrap a younger man to harvest his sperm. Where do people come up with these things?) Anyway, we might have never officially married had it not been for the border issues. I am still waiting to find out what my greatest achievement is. But regardless of what everyone else is apparently doing, according to what I'm hearing, roles are for plays, and I'm not playing. I have a feeling there are more of us in the audience than people think

And that's no lie.

Thanks for listening.

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