Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jandek on Corwood

I`m posting this because I`m fucked up today and can`t get much out. SO enjoy this trailer to a movie we watched last night. I knew somewhat about Jandek--not much--but was surprised by all the Evergreen State College connections in the Jandek fanbase. Well--actually I would have been surprised had there NOT been an Evergreen connection. I`ve stood in that radio studio shown as a big bright wondow in the trailer. I commented, during the film, that this movie HAD to be shown by my music profs at Evergreen. If they didn't use up several hours of seminar and lecture time on Jandek, I'd be floored. After all, Evergreen was the home of Cage and Laurie Anderson for a time.


Download his surprise live appearance (audio) in Glasgow from Rapidshare.

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