Friday, March 31, 2006

Site Visit SPIKE!

Okay, okay, someone please help me out with this. On the 24th, the day I posted the "War on Easter" and "Savaged in South Dakota," I got over 3000 hits. What gives? Some investigation is in order.


Steve said...

Someone else with a popular site or blog, who also visits yours, might have linked to it. I would imagine that people listening to your show and doing web searches for "war on easter" might have found your blog from that, also. It's hard to tell about these things.

Misha said...

You were definitely mentioned on one of the bigger blogs, which is how I found you. It was for the "A Civil Discussion" Post but for the life of me I cannot remember which blog it was. Your blog is great!

Hellbound Alleee said...

well, I think I found out. It was on a blog that is nothing but "link of the day" stuff. I can't remember what it was called, but it has like 22,000 hits a day. The link was pretty provocative, using a quite from "Civil Discussion." I think that might have been it.
Oh yeah. here it is:

I think that's it.