Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Straight Rights Movement

A Message From Dan Savage, of Savage Love:

Earlier this month Republicans in South Dakota successfully banned abortion in that state. Last week the GOP-controlled state house of representatives in Missouri voted to ban state-funded family-planning clinics from dispensing birth control. "If you hand out contraception to single women," (and, apparently, married ones--alleee) one Republican state rep told the Kansas City Star, "we're saying promiscuity is okay." On the federal level, Republicans are blocking the over-the-counter sale of emergency contraception and keeping a 100 percent effective HPV vaccine—a vaccine that will save the lives of thousands of women every year—from being made available.

The GOP's message to straight Americans: If you have sex, we want it to fuck up your lives as much as possible. No birth control, no emergency contraception, no abortion services, no life-saving vaccines. If you get pregnant, tough shit. You're going to have those babies, ladies, and you're going to make those child-support payments, gentlemen. And if you get HPV and it leads to cervical cancer, well, that's too bad. Have a nice funeral, slut.

What's it going to take to get a straight-rights movement off the ground? The GOP in Kansas is seeking to criminalize hetero heavy petting, for God's sake! Wake up and smell the freaking Holy War, breeders! The religious right hates heterosexuality just as much as it hates homosexuality. Fight back!

I'd like to add that the GOP is making it clear that it hates female heterosexuality. When it bans female contraception specifically, you know what they mean. They want us to blow them, they want to fuck us, they want to slap us in the face, call us sluts and get the hell out. If you think for one minute that those Old Boys in congress--whether it's a state or federal congress--aren't going out to strip bars, and later in the evening hiring themselves a slut on whose face they can blow their republican wad, then you're seriously naive, and probably think that a "wad" is a roll of dollars.

And that's what a congressman really calls "birth control."


Jeff said...

How does adoption fuck up your life forever?

Hellbound Alleee said...

How does adoption cure sexually transmitted Infection? Cervical cancer? Hepatitis ?

Unknown said...

Ha would have to say you have clearly done no research about the HPV vaccine, the doctor behind the company that does it says that there is more incidence of adverse side effects from the vaccine than their is cases of cervical cancer resulting from the HPV virus. Also not all people will get HPV from sex, and as the scientits admited it will take 60 years to have an affect, and it will only stop a few cases of cervical cancer. The risk of the HPV vaccine is too great when one of the ingredients in it has been found to cause sterility in lab rats. They need to remake it pronto without that ingredient. We aint talking about the nonsense relating to the MMR vacine here we are talking a real concern. Would you rather have cancer or infertility? I'd say the first because cervical cancer has a good cure rate and gives you a great chance of having children if you want but infertility leaves you no chance of ever having children? Are you saying that you want the drug company to be allowed to give out an unsafe vaccine? Which will only reduce a small number of cases and takes 60 years to build up enough of the general population who are vaccinated? Hmm not very leftist. Yes have the vaccine but please change that ingredient that causes inferility. I am sure there must be an alternative ingredient for the vaccine without infertility/sterility side effects.
Or mabye you want people to be sterilized so humanity dies out? Is that your angle?

Hellbound Alleee said...

I have to say, that as a podcaster of mostly atheist material, I have gotten some idiotic comments. Stuff about Jesus and evolution. But I've got to fay it. This is the stupidest comment I've ever gotten: so stupid it fills me with awe. Congratulations.