Friday, April 14, 2006

Found a Blog

Here's some laugh-out-loud reading for the modern heathen: God's Loyal Opposition, striaght outa Riffa, Bahrain.. An excerpt:
Many people claimed during my career as a prophet...errr advocate of atheism that I didn't know jack squat about Islam and Muslims. Even though for an earlier part of my life I held many records and the best youth muslim as I have under my belt: Three molested goats, Ten inch beard, ten inch white dress, ten inch towel and took part in three suicide bombings successfully....errr crap, I messed up. Anyways most of them claimed I'll be back to Islam as a powerful figure (Anti- Muhammed?) and I'll be reborn..kind of like evanglican Islam. So I am now reborn and now I pray to biggest PS2 in the world: The Kaaba in Mecca.

Read it now, before they cut off his hands.

I found out about this blog courtesy of The Atheist Jew. So read his blog, too.


God's Loyal Opposition said...

Thanks mate for putting me up. and by the way you put the isle sideways. I live just in the middle part of it. I don't think they will chop my hands off, as many claimed that my head should be rolling. Personnally I favour stoning as I'd love to do those "stone-time" Matrix moves. Thanks again

Hellbound Alleee said...

sorry about that. I put the pic in as I found it on the web. Note I also linked to your glamorous golf course.