Sunday, April 23, 2006

Leah's not Even Trying

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From: Leah Hutson

Subject: RE: READ NOW
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 17:59:18 -0700 (PDT)

I do read my Bible

No you don't. You have read dribs and drabs. You didn't even know that the bible says to stone disobedient children. You shouldn't lie like that, about the bible. Isn't God supposed to know if you do that?

" and my boyfriend would NEVER tell me that. If he did wouldn'[t have a boyfriend, but you don't compare Jesus to a boyfriend. "

That's called "moral subjectivism," Leah. That means wishy-washy morals. If you want to convince me that your morality is real and has any substance, your rules must apply to EVERYBODY. But they don't apply to God here. You'd break up with any man who said that, and that's good. But that's what god says, LEah, and you worship him for it. So if it's a good thing to say, either EVERYONE should say it, or you should break up with God. You can't be moral if you don't.

"And, Jesus died for us so that we all wouldn't go to Hell and if He didn't we all would pay for our sins. "

Why then did God make a rule so that people should go to hell for -- Adam and Eve's-- sins? Tell me why people who don't believe in God should be tortured forvere, Leah? I'm waiting.

So, when He died it gave us an option, and you aren't choosing the right one. He doesn't want to you to burn forever but He gave you the choice because He cares SO much.

Your fictional character made this hell, and he made the rule. If he cared so much, he wouldn't send people who don't believe in him there, people like little jewish and hindu children. People like rabbis and doctors who save people from cancer, people with mothers and babies and people who do really good thing, but were born in a different country that doesn't believe in Jesus. And God made a rule and he made a hell, according to your fantasy story. So again. WHY?

"He could have not cared and just let us all burn in Hell. So there is the answer to your two questions."

That is certainly an answer I would give an F to. But I'll give you another chance, Leah. Why does God have to have people tortured forever for not believing in him?


diego said...

Why does God have to have people tortured forever for not believing in him?

I'm sorry, Hellbound Alleee, but your doesn't seems to pay attention.

You know that God is the Intelligent Designer of the ID Theory, don't you?

So you, I and everybody else are His own property.

You want to eat? You want to have sex? You want to live?
Well, what you need to do is to PRAY royalties.

We're copyrigthed, man. Accept it.
If you don't PRAY the contracted amount, you'll be sued and send to Hell (which, anyway, it seems better that Abu Grahib...)

Hey! If I'm copyrighted, I wonder...
I'm limited to domestic use only or I'm allow to show myself in public places like hotels, stations, trains and so on?

PS: Don't worry about Hell.
It could be worst. God could have liked sodomy...

Hellbound Alleee said...

"It could be worse: God could of (sic) liked Sodomy..."

So you think oral sex in hell is WORSE? (Keep in mind that in most states in the US, sodomy is oral ans sextoys, as well as anal.) It seems that hell would be better for people who are anywhere from mildly kinky to gay to super kinky.

Anyway, if I were God (and I get itm don't worry ;) ) it would be irrational for me to torture my resources like that. I wouldn't create anything that I did not value. And if I somehow managed, as an omnipotent being, to create things that I did not value, it would make no sense to not simply remove them from existence, unless I were a complete sadist.

Hence, the I D-er is a complete sadist.

But Leah wouldn't understand that.

diego said...

The problem, I think, it's not about how much shit (or any other unpleasent solid/liquid/gel/gas) there is in religion.

The real problem, which Leah shows us very well, is how empty fundamentalist people are.

These guys don't have a brain. They don't think. They don't choose. They just follow sacred text like a recipe, a check-list.
They don't mean to do what they do. They do it because a book tell them to do.

I recently saw a documentary about Fred Phelps of

I'm sure you know who he is, but did you know that back in the 60's he fought a legal battle in his own town to give black people equal rights?
He recall his own childer being called "nigger lovers" and being beaten for this.

Before knowing this I thought that the man was crazy, running aroud with "GOD HATES FAGS" signs.

After knowing about his battle for black's rights I thought "What a shame. A man who believe all men have equal rights ends up hating gays because of his religion".

But I finally realized that I was wrong.
He didn't care about black's right! He just fought that battle because bible told him to do.
If the bible had said: "Black people are devil's people", he would end up with "GOD HATES NIGGERS" signs.

Now he write "GOD HATES FAGS", but if today a voice from sky tells him "go and be sodomized", he would run to get some meat.

These people don't care about right and wrong. They don't care about children dying of starvation in Africa, because bible don't tell them that letting childer die of starvation is an abomination.
They don't care about polluting the environment, because bible don't say a word about it.
Well, it talks about the Rupture, so in fact it endorse fucking the planet.

You're right, Leah's not even trying.
She's not a person. She's a machine, and she is not programmed to try.


Bob Brown said...

Love me or I'll kill you.

Talk about domestic violence!

I think these crazy Christians suffer from BATTERED FAITH SYNDROME.


Bob Brown said...

OK've convinced me there is a God!
And just to prove it to these vile Atheists we will show them a thing or two.
I prayed to God today to give every Atheist a sign...a sign that will convince everyone that he really exists.
God told me to tell the world that Leah will jump from the top floor of the Sears Tower in Chicago and will land safely....without harm... to the hard ground below. order for this to really work you must BELIEVE!!!
I BELIEVE in God...and I BELIEVE that LEAH will prove that God exists by jumping off the Sears Tower.
I know you will make it Leah, I have faith in God and that GOD will save you from any harm. LETS SHOW THESE VILE ATHEISTS JUST HOW STUPID THEY REALLY ARE!!

JUMP Leah..............JUMP!!!!

Bob Brown

Hellbound Alleee said...

You know, Diego, I would totally agree with you about this, especially about the machine part. But the truth is, there`s simply nothing in the bible to support equal rights for anybody, including blacks. There's nothing about human rights, and nothing about anti-slavery. The governments in the bible were theocracies and monarchies. Jesus supports slavery. Women are property, and girls are freely given over to rapists and murderers by their fathers. Jesus shows racism towards a Canaanite for not being an Israelite. (He calls her a dog.)

I mean, maybe I'm wrong. I have no doubt that Phelps once fought for "equal rights" for black people. But I tend to think he wouldn't be so excited about Muslim black people, or gay black people, or atheist black people. I just don't think that it's likely there are many totally evil people in the world. Phelps doesn't need to have any other problems. His obsession against two men sleeping together is a psychosis. He has issues that he probably doesn't want others to know about. Something very...Oprah Winfrey. Something in his past, or just something deeply personal. Hell, maybe's he's gay.

breakerslion said...

"Love me or I'll kill you."

Of course! Why didn't I see it before? God is a Borderline!