Friday, June 30, 2006

A Christian's idea of an "Answer."

I got an "answer" to Normal Bob Smith's question about enjoying heaven while everyone else burns in hell. Here is the...ahem..."answer." It was at today's Goosing the Antithesis.

Once again Alleee has completely misconstrued Christianity. She is asserting that her worldview i.e. that people are inherently good and then arguing that God is unjust or not justified in sending these *regular* *good* people to hell. As Creator and sustainer of all human life God requires not justification whatsoever for what he Sovereignly decrees. Once again you (Alleee) are presupposing something that doesn't comport with the worldview that you espouse. You are asserting that God as judge would have to conform to human sensibilities in order to be considered just. This supposes that contigent human knowledge is somehow superior to God's knowledge. In fact your assertions are based solely on what you percieve to be true. Logically your entire line of reasoning is fallacious.

If you are going to argue against a tenet of Christianity at least argue against what Christianity actually teaches rather than setting up straw men arguments. You must logically argue against the doctrine of original sin prior to implying that God is unjust for punishing sinners.

Furthermore define "good" and provide the rational argumentation for calling anything good in the atheist worldview. For example, if life evolved how can an action of a human being that doesn't further the potential of survival for the human race be considered good?

Another fine representation of the Goose's inability to represent Christian beliefs accurately. Bravo! Are you sure your not a Christian in disguise attempting to make atheists look like complete morons? If so keep up the good work!

So here we have the answer. God is good because he is god, and sinners are all bad, and all deserve eternal suffering. He takes issue with me assuming that there are any "good" people at all, and in fact, he denies the existence of anything good at all. Here is the key, here is the reason why Christianity is an immoral worldview. He cannot see any good in the natural world. I quote:

Furthermore define "good" and provide the rational argumentation for calling anything good in the atheist worldview. For example, if life evolved how can an action of a human being that doesn't further the potential of survival for the human race be considered good?

It is a dark, dark way to live, ladies and gentlemen. Where the hell does he think the word "good" came from? Well, his problem, then, is that he is bad. Very, very bad, and deserves to be tortured cruelly, for all of eternity. So why in hell should I trust anything he says? As a matter of fact, I do not. That solves that problem. I wash my hands of anyone who is truly evil and deserves to burn for all eternity. By the way, what I am doing is "good."

Edited to add:

Here is the extent of the madness of "Street Apologist." He is saying that the default position is that everyone is "a sinner" (which basically means that all sin is equal, and that these naked kids thousands--not millions--of years ago made it so that we were sinners, not God, because He had to put that magical fairy tree there for some reason) and deserves to burn and suffer forever after we die. By default, we deserve this fate unless we sign up for the right club. It's not Street Apologists that have to justify this, it is us. We have to prove otherwise. How's that for some sharp-edged razor logic? Apparently, an afterlife of torture by a purely just magical ghost dad is not an extraordinary claim. And if we try to prove otherwise, that people, regardless of anything they personally did, do not deserve eternal torture by using human standards of morality, we suck because well, according to Street Apologist, that's against his rules. We have to apply his wishy-washy occult rules. But again, I don't have to, because he is evil. Why the hell should I use the rules of someone evil? You shouldn't, either.

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Jody said...

I think the thing to keep in mind is the God did not create Hell for people. He created Hell for Satan and for the demons. The reason Satan and the fallen angels couldn't dwell in Heaven any longer is because they wanted to be as powerful and great as God. God created angels (including Lucifer) to worship Him in Heaven. When the angels no longer choose to do so, or if they decide they want to follow Satan and serve themselves then they are in sin, and sin cannot dwell with perfect light. When God created Adam and Eve He gave them free will to choose to follow Him. But man is inherently selfish and self-serving, because we desire pleasure over pain, and naturally we want to pursue what's best for us. So, I think to assume there are "no good people" is faulty only because we do have good traits. We do love and care and nurture, but we also have a selfish side. I think when Paul talks about people (in Romans) not being good, I think he means that we are not completely good. I think he means that we have faults, unlike God who is perfect. So, as imperfect creatures, we need to rely on God to show us a measure of grace and mercy, and guidance. If we reject God's love and correction we are telling Him what Lucifer told Him- loosely, "I am Better than You are."

The Bible tells us that God desires that no person would go to Hell. So we know that none of us are predestined to that fate. But we can choose our fate by rejecting God's precepts and elevating ourselves above Him.

One question I have that is completely off topic. I have been told that angels in Heaven are not given an equal amount of free will. If not, are they only able to choose whether or not to worship God, since Lucifer chose not to?