Friday, June 16, 2006

Congratulations: American Taxpayers and Mel Gibson

Jeff Brown
House Resolution 1998
By: Representatives Mills of the 67th, Post 2, Westmoreland of the 86th, Coan of the 67th, Post 1, Brown of the 89th, Richardson of the 26th, and others


Commending Mel Gibson and "The Passion of the Christ"; and for other purposes.
Mike Coan
WHEREAS, Mel Gibson is an outstanding actor who has received both popular and critical acclaim for his work in numerous motion pictures; and

WHEREAS, he is also a dedicated Christian who is committed to his faith and has a desire to share his faith with others in ways that will touch and move them; and

WHEREAS, in order to present the essence of his Christian beliefs in a powerful and moving format, he personally financed, produced, and directed the motion picture "The Passion of the Christ"; and...
James Mills
WHEREAS, the impact of this incredible motion picture can be seen in the effect that it has had on the individuals that have viewed it with the news media reporting almost daily since the motion picture opened about the many people who, after seeing the motion picture, renewed their commitment to their faith with a new intensity, repented of past bad conduct and sought forgiveness, and even confessed to crimes that they had committed; and...

Well, what the fuck do you think you pay those idiots to do?

(From J-Walk Blog.)

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