Saturday, June 17, 2006

Language Log: The earliest typographically-bleeped F-word?

The earliest typographically-bleeped F-word?

Here's a delicious example of gay porn from 1698, from Language Log: (I replaced the s's for clarity.)
... That about six a clock Minton came to the George Tavern, enquired for Number 4. and was showed into the room where Rigby was, and the constable and his assistance were placed into a room adjoyning; Rigby ┼┐eemed much pleased upon Mintons coming, and drank to him in a glass of Wine and kist him, took him by the Hand, put his Tongue into Mintons mouth, and thrust Mintons hand into his (Rigby) Breeches, saying, He had raised his Lust to the highest degree, Minton thereupon askt, How can it be, a Woman was only fit for that, Rigby answered, Dam’em, they are all Port, I’ll have nothing to do with them. Then Rigby sitting on Mintons Lap, kist him several times, putting his Tongue into his Mouth, askt him, if he should F----- him, how can that be askt Minton, I’ll show you answered Rigby, for it’s no more than was done in our Fore fathers time; and then to incite Minton thereto further spake most Blasphemous words, and said, That the French King did it, and the Czar of Muscovy made Alexander, a Carpenter, a Prince for that purpose, and affirmed, He had seen the Czar of Muscovy through a hole at Sea, lye with Prince Alexander. Then Rigby kist Minton several times, putting his Tongue in his Mouth, and taking Mintonin his arms, wisht he might lye with him all night, and that his Lust was provoked to that degree, he had ------ in his Breeches, but notwithstanding he could F------ him; Minton thereupon said, sure you cannot do it here, yes, answered Rigby, I can and took Minton to a corner of the Room, and put his hands into Mintons Breeches, desiring him to pull them down, who answered he would not, but he (Rigby) might do what he pleased; thereupon Rigby pulled down Mintons Breeches, turn’d away his shirt, put his Finger to Mintons Fundament, his hand behind him, and took hold of Rigbys Privy Member, and said to Rigby; I have now discovered your base inclinations, I will expose you to the world, to put a stop to these Crimes; and thereupon Minton gave a stamp with his foot, and cry’d out Westminster; then the Constable and his Assistance came into the Room, and seized Rigby ...
ENTRAPMENT! I'm willing to bet this isn't the first instance of that.

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