Monday, June 19, 2006

Most Everyone Except Carson Holloway of the National Review Can't Handle the "Truth" that Life is Empty and Meaningless

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The Public-Intellectual Menace
On Richard Dawkins’s irresponsible and irrational dogmatism.

So Carson Holloway is strong, but you aren't. You can't handle the "truth."

Fortunately, that "truth" is believed by Carson Holloway, not the rest of us, and least of all, Richard Dawkins.

It's the standard Christian lie. First, you create the idea that God is everything. Then, when you take away God, tah dahh! You have nothing! It's a sad, and meaningless life. Sigh. And you can't handle that. Bad Richard Dawkins! Bad!

Its (the Selfish Gene) apparent debunking of any higher purpose in nature caused this person “a series of bouts of depression” lasting over a decade.

That's what you get when you lack reading comprehension. As long as you're already depressed.

Well, being a believer doesn't mean you have a math degree.

If the universe =X,
and God is the universe,

But for an atheist:
The universe=X
God = 0

Obviously, there was no God in the equation in the first place. Even if God had once existed, and was "taken away," we would not need it to show us the value of things and people. God is represpented by this fellow as both X and something that is there simply to remind us of the value of X. Like a holy price tag, as Francois would say. If a price tag falls off an item, does it then lack value? Tell that to the clerk at Nordstom's.

Why do grown adults need to be reminded that there is a world out there to enjoy? That they have friends, family, and lots of great things out there to be interested in, say, like saying Richard Dawkins is cruel and dangerous? That kind of hobby can keep a person's mind off God for a good long time. Basically, without God, there is...writing National Review articles. That ain't nothing, math genuis.

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dlkjdfsa said...

God = 0?????

You give way too much credit to "God". The concept of Zero is so much more beautiful and powerful than "God" could ever be imagined. Please... "God" is definitely something and something is anything but 0. "God" is a dangerous fantasy held by billions of scared blind simpletons.

X-"God"= a better world.

Hellbound Alleee said...

but zero is nothing. And there is no such thing as nothing.

Kathryn said...

But isn't nothing something to know by nothing is? ^_^ lol...

Hellbound Alleee said...

lol, no because you can't know nothing. There is no "nothing is."
Nothing simply isn't.

dlkjdfsa said...

What's really ironic is there is far more isn'ts than there are is's.

I'll give God this much, God and Zero both can't exist or they wouldn't be what they're clamed to be.

I guess in some way's you're right alleee God = zero. The Flying Spaghetti Monster also = zero. For some reason I like the Spaghetti Monster but dislike God.

Try talking to a Christian about metaphysical concepts like this and you'll get starred at with there dark confused cow eyes.

dlkjdfsa said...

Sorry for the grammar error that's iss not is's


dlkjdfsa said...

Nothing simply isn't.

I don't think there is anything simple about Zero. It is one of those "things" that is impossible to imagine. They can imagine a god. Granted they visualize "him" as a superhuman, but still it's possible and obviously easy to do so.

I see a new curriculum being introduces in high school.... Math, Science, English, History, Art and ZERO.

E.I. said...

Nothing. Is it something?

Francois Tremblay said...

You sound like philosophy students. You just need to get drunk a bit and it'll make perfect sense.

dlkjdfsa said...

I think if we can teach the Religious what nothing really isn't, this would clear up there need for creationist dogmas. This universe is part of something called infinity. If infinity is..... there was no beginning. Infinity is just as hard to imagine as ZERO because everything we can decribe is contained within time and therefore has a beginning. Examine the English language.

Noun = the subject of a verb
Verb = expresses an act, occurrence, or mode of being
Adjective Adverb = describes verbs and nouns

One is another mystery. I know you hate hearing this Alleee but One is where subjectivity is found. One is the core principle of nouns. If my arms are cut off I am still one Rabbitslayer.

Hellbound Alleee said...

There you go again, Rabbislayer. You said "there are more isn'ts than is's."

Well sure, things aren't lots of things. But that's not nothing. But it's saying very little. Nothing "isn't" anything, as well as nothing "is" nothing. It can't be either.

If "one" is subjective to you, then it means nothing to me. Why are you trying to convince me of something that is subjective to you, if only you can decide what it is? If every person in the world can point to an apple, and say that the unit, "apple," is one, why bother doing the boy thing and decide that you control the reality on the concept "one?" Very male, if you ask me. (Yes, I'm being sexist, to illustrate a point).

People like me (possessing a vagina) rarely decide they can control the concept of reality, and call it subjective. Or, rather, people who aren't so focused on themselves they can't see existence as being apart from their own egos. I suppose many women might feel that way, but I have yet to meet one. This is how strongly I go against the narcissistic concept of "subjective." I am willing to sound like a sexist ass to go against it.

dlkjdfsa said...

I've been looking for a person that can make my brain sweat, bravo Allee.

The most difficult thing about talking about zero is that it is impossible to accurately describe it. It is not nothing, it "is" something else. Perhaps a good word would be anti-infinity. I truly believe that the answers man (ha ha) has been searching for can be found "within" Zero. I think the proof we need for "its" magnificence is all around us. If Zero ever was we wouldn't be here to chat about it.

If "one" is subjective to you, then it means nothing to me.

I might need a new word as subjective gets twisted fairly easily. I looked subjective up and found that this particular part fit my usage of the word best, Subjective 2: of or relating to the essential being of that which has substance, qualities, attributes, or relations.

If every person in the world can point to an apple, and say that the unit, "apple," is one

I would call nouns collective-subjective agreements. I can be an outlier and claim that the apple consists of the leaves, branches, trunk, roots, seed, and all the plants it took to evolve into the apple but I would be wrong. The apple as a unit has been agreed upon by the scholars that developed language. If were are going to use language at all, there has to be rules we follow. That's what pisses me off about the religious. They fucking use words like monkeys.

I've been beating myself over the head for years now trying to use language to find the answers to the universe. I'm not sure how I got stuck on One, Zero and Infinity but my gut tells me it's there. I was just looking at this text and thinking... Look all these words in this paragraph. Each one is ONE Unit and to define that unit we have to put a space or zero-unit between them to define where one starts and a new one begins, but this is not a good representation of zero, thissentenceisamuchbetterrepresentation.

Mark Plus said...

People get depressed because of changes in their brain chemistry, not because of their beliefs about a god. Otherwise how do christians explain the believers they know with chronic depression?

dlkjdfsa said...

Answer, "They're possessed by "Satan" of course." I scare myself sometimes being able to think like a Christian.

breakerslion said...

Oh my. This is beginning to sound like "The Neverending Story" with its anthropomorpism of "the nothing". Zero is an abstract concept. It is a null state in physics, a placeholder in math. It is a symbol, signifying nothing. If you believe that there is no god, and that there has never been any physical, logical, or rational proof to support the concept of a god, then god becomes a symbol. The abstract symbol "god", unfortunately signifies more than nothing to many deluded human beings. It is a hollow symbol of power used by the priest units to perpetrate and perpetuate their grifting way of life. It is also a mental inhibitor, and a psychological roadblock to self-awareness and self-reliance. The belief in an all-powerful and capricious puppet master forms a wedge to split rational thought such that any action, excuse, or injustice can be justified. Said belief forms the basis of selfish bargaining; "Let's make a deal god, and screw the other guy instead! You like me best, don't you?"...."Humph-humph - of couse thy will be done!" (bow, scrape, pay). It is all meaningless in the end, but it is hardly nothing.

breakerslion said...

Just so we stay on the same page, I meant that the acts people perform to please/appease a non-existent god become themselves meaningless symbols. I did not mean to imply that life was meaningless, or these actions have no consequence. "All" in the context of the subset.

dlkjdfsa said...

I love description of "god" as a mental inhibitor. The belief in "God" is a vicious mental virus, a disease. The Atheist is a brave thinker. How can we really claim that it is meaningless as so many claim it as the only meaning in there life? People are scared and "G0D" seems to be the only thing that gives them comfort. The Atheist is a brave and sound thinker. Most people, for some reason, can not see that they themselves give meaning to life. Where does this fear come from that causes people to shut down the logic processing centers of the brain? "God" is a bad drug.

I love the never ending story....... That's infinity and every1 makes the story.

Is Zero really a null state for a state implies something no matter how little it is doing?

Shouldn't True Zero be considered more than a place holder as it destroys math when one tries to divide with "it", "it" doesn't do anything when it's added or subtracted and it "Kills" anything it touches with multiplication?

dlkjdfsa said...

Sorry about the brave thinker repetition and vagueness of "how can it". I was very tired when I commented and usually edit with more efficiency.