Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Early Icelandic Lazytown: Bing Bang SKANDalous!!


Newport Vanderhaden said...

This is an evil atheist blog! Jesus curse you! I drive a nicer car than you and own more property than you ever will! I could buy you! Jesus gave me those things. When I'm on my yacht, I'll drink to your damnation!

Newport Vanderhaden.

KAWoodson said...

I'm sorry for the totally irrelevant question, but what is the name of that song? I fell in love with it's pure bouncing inanity when it was the closing song for your show and haven't been able to find it. Thanks :)

Hellbound Alleee said...

The name of the song is "Bing Bang" from the show "Lazy Town."

breakerslion said...

Hey Newport:


Best satire I've seen in a dog's age! Is that a picture of Bill Murray by the way? Your "diatribe" kind of reminds me of some of his early "straight man" work. Every sentence is a punch line. Keep it coming!