Saturday, July 01, 2006

God Doesn't Work

God Doesn't Work

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Kathryn said...

Yes, very depressing...

Indigo Red said...

The assumption here, of course, is this little person's life in miserable. Just because a crippling condition exists doesn't mean a miserable life. Any life is worth living as well as one can.

Any negatives occur in your own mind, I'll bet because you don't think you could handle the same or similar condition. Well, let me tell you something, whatever this child has is not a challenge as the ablebodied, the normal like to call it. Any moron can deal with the actual annomaly. It's the belief of the normals that this must be too hard to bear.

But, it's not too hard. It's really kind of easy. I've had arthrogryposis multiplex congenita for 52 years and I've done just fine. Many normals wanted to put me away, some actually said I should have been aborted, and others have said I should not be out in public. Are any of those problems mine? No! The overwhelming perseption problem belongs to the person making the stupid demands that cripples be out of sight. Or worse, poor thing pity.

Well, save it. Cripples (we) don't want your pity. And save your pronouncments of how depressing life is for the disabled, or non-abled. My life is just fine; the lives of all those I know with physical or mental disablities are just fine. Rather I find it depressing that anyone should think only of the downside of being crippled. I pity those who can only see the negative in another's life.

And shame on you for not meeting the CHALLENGE given you. Instead of deciding to help, or choose to treat the disabled as you would any of your friends, all you can come up with is God isn't fair, how depressing. The problem is with your self, not the little person in the photo and not my condition in life or any of the millions of others living quite nicely, thank you very much, with certain limitations for which we find workarounds everyday.

True Void said...

indigo red, I believe this is what the post was referring to. this is a quote from the creator of the photo.

"I actually have a daughter with cerebral palsy, she's 22 now. She's in a wheelchair.

When I was a christian, my mother and stepfather, who had just attended one of the "Hunter Ministries: How to heal Seminar" back in around 87 wanted to give it a shot with my Tiffany. We prayed for several hours did the whole routine, cried, spoke in tongues, etc. Nothing. It was heartbreaking.

Absolutely heartbreaking.
Oddly enough I remained a christian for another 15 years."