Saturday, July 29, 2006

Johnny Virtue in: ENTER THE BIBLEMAN


Hey, kids! Why don't you grab a big, brimmin' bowl of Super Crunchy Jesus Crispies, with that Go-Go GOD Power, turn up your radio and thrill to the adventures of Johnny Virtue: Christian Private Investigator as he battles The Bibleman!

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For those of you not in the know, Johnnie Virtue was created by Francois Tremblay, back when we created the Jack Chick parody, Dark Dungeons. There are more Johnnie Virtue shows planned for the future. We have created about six of these old-time radio-style plays. The actors are from way up in British Columbia near Alaska, to down south in Arkansas. The sound-effects were taken from sound effects cds and from Sound Dogs. The Johnnie Virtue theme is Melancholy Serenade, by King Curtis.

Johnny Virtue - main character, Christian Private Investigator. He speaks mostly matter-of-factly, in typical PI fashion.--Brad Reddekkop

Bibleman - self-appointed Christian hero. Pompous. --Gene Splicer

Vinnie Price - Virtue's partner for tough jobs. Kinda creepy but very amiable.-- Doug Randall

Al Roeper - the Church's Director of Silent Operations. Practical and efficient man.-- LeeWood Thomas

Biblegirl - One of Bibleman's accomplices. -Spin

Narrator - Alison Randall

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Combat Doc said...

I sat down and watched this the other day and I wasn't sure whether I was disturbed by the indoctrination or just ridiculously amused.