Monday, July 10, 2006

The Mean, Old, Christian-Persecuting Atheist at Work

Cherry Sorting

As you may know, I've been working in fruit for the last few weeks, as I spend my money-accumulating "vacation" away from the Beloved back in Quebec.

Now, many religious people think that I must be this really mean person, who is inexplicably obsessed with their god, and I can't ever let the subject drop. All us atheists are just bitter, and really hard to get along with: especially someone like me, who according to one of these comments, has no basis for my desire to spread non-belief at all. "None of it means anything."

Here's the reality.

I work mostly on assembly lines, so there is opportunity for discussion. I already know the church that two of my co-workers go to--Southern Baptist, in town. Another one is a Jehovah's Witness. Some are Catholic. I know that Scientology is ridiculous, because we already have a bible: why make up new rules? I know that my supervisor is

"The World's Biggest Homophobe: They Should All Be Forced Back In The Closet. "

What do they know about me? Well, I said to one of them: "I'm sort of a skeptic: I don't believe in anything."

Another one asked me what religion I was. She asked me if I was a Mormon. I said, "I'm nothing."

She laughed; end of discussion.

So there you go. I feel like I should hide a pretty big aspect of who I am in order to keep harmony at work while I slog through a difficult and physically painful job (it's actually hard to type this because of the apple packing I did today--swollen thumbs and blistered index fingers). Do I want to say "Oh, I'm a professional atheist?" Sure. But I know that my "fringe" "beliefs" may be disturbing to some ears. Poor babies. Do they think that maybe their religious and political beliefs might be disturbing to my ears? Of course, it doesn't matter. Why should they care?

Of course, I can't let the homophobic comments go. It would be immoral to stand aside and let that poison my world. I looked at my supervisor after he talked about what should be done with gays, I held up my "claws" at him and said "BOO!"

Maybe I didn't make a good lesbian. I was too busy flirting with the young men that day.

PS: I urge you; if you're ever tempted to go for easy money by taking a quick job at a fruit warehouse, don't. Save your wrists, fingers, and back. Not worth the minimum wage.


dlkjdfsa said...

I had a friend that worked for a frozen pea factory. It ruined him ever enjoying green vegetables. I feel I'm turning into a professional atheist also. It's a lousy position to be in. What is our goal? To get mankind to be logical, reasoning, thinking beings. We do believe in nothing alleee. zero. I truly believe "we" do have faith in zeros non-existence. Being a skeptic is not, not believing in anything. You believe in logic. Don't tell people you're nothing, you're not nothing, you're alleee and there will only be one of you.

"All us atheists are just bitter"

There is a reason for this. We are highly discriminated against. The few that are open about it are bombarded with idiots trying to save us and will not use logic in debate. The first openly atheist person I ever met was last year and he seemed hopeless and bitter even though we shared the same non-faith. He thinks that life is an accident? No evolutionist would say that life is an accident. This tells me that many atheists are also uneducated in the areas they should be experts in. I'm not a scientist but I have studied. I think those of us who don't have PhD's but still have a logical passion for atheism look at life with a love. "We" think that mankind should continue to exist and that's where "we" will be found after our deaths. In the minds or fabric of the future. It's hard to stay positive when we are surround by a society that is going to shit but the evangelical atheist must have hope and a heart of gold. Otherwise people we be scared of our truth.

Kathryn said...

Yeah I know what you mean about people saying atheists are obsessive about proving everyone wrong. Since, even with me I still read the Bible everyday...

Hellbound Alleee said...

But I don't believe in anything.

I don't have any reason to believe in anything. I have my senses to rely on, and information. I just don't have to believe.

Joyce @ The Simple Blog said...

As a nurse, I'm one of the "most trusted", and as an atheist, I'm one of the "least trusted". At work, I'm surrounded by theists of all denominations. Allow me to share with you a recent conversation with a co-worker.

Her: I have five kids. I only wanted 2, but GOD had other ideas.
Me: That's the most irresponsible thing I think I've ever heard.
Her: Well, GOD gives us what HE thinks we should have. Why is that irresponsible?
Me: Speechless.