Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mondo Diablo Episode 8: Radio a Go-Go

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This week, I don't have one unified theme, but I do have a lot of pop music, and some sweeps from 1960's radio. Hence, the title.

  • WALT--It's Blast-Off Time
  • The Savers--Perrey
  • Torfrock--He, Joe
  • KISN--Exotica--KISN Cousins
  • Baja Marimba Band--Walk On By
  • Optiganally Yours--Mr Wilson--Spotlight on Optiganally Your
  • WCAO--GAROOOVY Chipmunk
  • Dave Pike--Carnivale Samba
  • Christine Pilzer--Ah Hem Ho Uh-Er--Filles in the Garage
  • KONO--Get the Happiness Habit
  • Los Nortes Americanos--Enchiladas
  • Paul Holcomb-- DJ Ted Stevens Techno Remix--"A Series of Tubes"
  • Rant about Net Neutrality--Lew Rockwell
  • Bikini Kill--Kathleen Hanna and Joan Jett--Demirep--Bikini Kill, the Singles
  • WNDR--Gubbledyroo
  • Kalyandji and Ananji--Sachidananda--Bombay the Hard Way
  • Throwing Muses --Hate my Way
  • KQV--Radio a go-go
  • Gustavo Pimentel--El Manisero
  • Paul Mark--Mr. Golden Beetle--Kokeshi Shindig
  • KELO--Radio on the Go
  • Christophe--Je ne t'aime plus--from 1965 album of the same name
  • Sugar, Sugar -- Dave Pell Singers

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Je ne T'aime Plus by Christophe
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