Monday, August 14, 2006

A Baldwin goes Cameron

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Thanks to J-Walk Blog for this. This is lovely, and creepy, and horrible, all at the same time.

Stephen Baldwin, famous for being the mentally ill Baldwin, is a born again, eXTREme Christian. You bet he is. I know, because I went to his MySpace site. I read "his" blog. I saw "his" webpage, Stephen *You know it has to be him, and not an assistant, because he calls himself "Stevie B," and he overuses elipses like a real actor would! He's sooooooooo cool! Praise the Lord, he will win so many super-cool rock 'n' roll teens through his exTREEEEEM minstry! Rock on!

He's also a poet:

what i see

im so pissed sorry but ... i can feel the spirit weeping ... for the lost ...

no wonder the wrath is coming ... i have this passion for all the kids ...

out there ... who are coming to nothing ... if you look you can see the

innocence in there eyes... believing that they're free ... Gods Word ...

is true ... it is the only true freedom !!! if you seek it with your whole

heart ... only then will you be completely free ... the out pouring of the

Holy Spirt is coming !!! thank you JESUS !!!

Stevie B? It's Brian Wilson on the phone. He wants....never mind, you get the picture.

* No, the mysterious Handsome Man-Ghost is not Chris Gains. It's Stevie B! Fly!


breakerslion said...

Another celebrity with mediocre talent jumps the shark!

"There's a rock and roll singer on the television
Giving up his music, gonna take up religion
Deserted rock and roll
To try to save his soul" - Success Story The Who

ktylizbth said...

Wow. What is the world coming to?

Alan said...

I saw him on some celebrity blackjack show wearing a Jesus hat. That explains that.