Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hellbound Alleee Show 117: The DEBATE of the CENTURY! Reverend Ivan Stang vs Reverend Jeremiah

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By DIVINE DECREE of the offhand comment by "BOB," The HELLBOUND ALLEEE SHOW welcomes a faithful friend of "Bob," the MOST REVEREND Ivan STANG, of the CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS, and the DEPRAVED PURVEYOR of "Organized Religion," REVEREND JEREMIAH. Together they've come to tell us we are DOOMED to HELL. It just depends upon which hell will have us. We learn WHAT'S IN THE PIPE, and why pinks always want to know that. We learn of slack, and we find out just how PERVERSE, and just what DELICIOUS KINKS congeal in the grey jellies of the MIND OF REVEREND JEREMIAH.

Praise SWEET BABY JESUS, and PRAISE BOB, and FUCK 'EM IF THEY CAN'T TAKE A JOKE. (Or burn in Slacklessness.)


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Aaron Kinney said...

That was an awesome show. I just listened to it last night. Praise sweet baby Jesus!!!! :D