Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mondo Diablo Episode 13: We're Always Awesome

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This week, I intended not to have a theme, but wouldn't you know it, Homestar Runner pushed his way into the podcast. Hence, "We're Always Awesome."


  • Kids Messing Around--Jesus Christ/Spanish Harlem
  • Homestar Runner--Everybody
  • Jean-Jacques Perrey--The Savers
  • Perry Como--Papa Loves Mambo
  • Maurice Chevalier--You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me
  • Luie Luie--El Touchy
  • Homestar Runner--Ballad of the Sneak
  • -clip-Believe in Jesus
  • -clip-Homestar Runner's LIMOZEEN--Brain Sister
  • YTMND--I Love Supermario Remix
  • Heino--Schwarzbraun ist die Hazelnuss.
  • Mike Chapman--Doley-O--The Cool Tapes (Homestarrunner)
  • PSA--Hence the Name--That Stuff in the Medicine Cabinet is Not Candy
  • Ananda Shankar--The Streets of Calcutta
  • Clip--Homestar
  • Madeline Chartrand--Ani Kuni
  • WEYE--Tune in and Turn On
  • Leland Stanford Jr University Marching Band--Roundabout
  • Nicoletta--Aye, Aye Carumba
  • Jack Benny NAB Spot
  • Strong Bad--Everybody to the Limit
  • The Bran Flakes--A Susie Moppet Singtime Singalong Song
  • Radio Pyongyang
  • Teen Girl Squad--The Chumbly Wumbly Bear
  • The Carlson -- He Washed my Eyes With Tears
  • Matt & Sylvia--Walk on By
  • Strong Bad--Save the Last Email for Strong Bad
  • Phil Bodner-Lullaby of Birdland
  • Zarah Leander -- Vil ni se en stjarna
  • Strong Bad--Circles
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Incorrect Music Playlists and Archives on WFMU
Heino Fan Post
Cool Tapes

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