Saturday, September 30, 2006

God Bless America, and Why I'm a Lazy Sod

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Austin Cline over at Agnosticism/Atheism has a great collection of photoshopped Christian/American propaganda posters, a la WWII and Red Scare, and, judging from the example here, I really think you need to go check it out.

Also, I am really sorry that I have been so neglectful of the blog. I have been concentrating on a few things: first, Mondo Diablo has become a bit of an obsession. And of course, there's Francois, who has been here a week, and we've been, well, getting reaquainted. We retained a lawyer this time, to get the residency underway (damn government). I just bought a computer, and it should be here next week, with a P4 processor. And then there's the goddamned job that is killing my back and making me sick, but that's kind of just an excuse. You guys work hard, I know you do.

I just got a voice mail! Finally, a real one this time! Thanks to whoever made it, and expect to hear yourself on the intermission of show 124, right before the PSA for the Religious Expression Act. Yes, it's a terrible thing, and yes, the PSA is hilarious. Look for it by Saturday night, right here on the Hellbound Alleee blog! And if you want to be included in a future intermission, call the number on the link panel of this blog, right on top.

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breakerslion said...

I always did think that "My country, right or wrong" sounded about as disturbing as, "Deuchland uber alles."