Saturday, September 16, 2006

Taking Your Cherished Beliefs, Chewing Them Up...

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I want to invite everyone to take a gander at my new motto on the banner with the name of my blog. Because clearly, I am becoming more and more successful in doing just that!

And I couldn't be more delighted.

It's been rare in my life that I've been able to piss people off so much as it is right now. Sure, no problem, it's easy for most of us to piss off christians. That's a snap. "Jesus is a fucktard." There you go. No problem.

Pissing off liberals? Too easy. Pissing off other atheists? Again, quite a snap. The difference is, that now I can do it without being afraid. Besides, I never realized how many cherished beliefs so many of you have! Wow! The more I write, the more people I tick off. And I have to say, thanks! Because pissing off Americans is what it's all about, really. And Canadians, I guess. I've pissed off people all over the world now!

Let me try it again:

Social Contract: that's for retards.
Altruism: For martyrs and pussies.

Now I've pissed off my former fans, AND people who love someone who is retarded. Don't get me wrong--I think retarded people are perfectly fine. But if they have half a brain, you can get them to believe ANYTHING, even Social Contracts and altruism.

Looking forward to pissing on a belief even more "sacred" (hee hee)! How about motherhood? That sounds good!

Love you!

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Jeff said...

Cmon, stop being so subtle.