Sunday, December 03, 2006

Charlie Brown Christmas Alternate Ending

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You know that part where Linus preaches the Luke bible verses? Well, I have experienced a terrible physical reaction to that part ever since I was a child. It was so bad and unexplained that I once wondered if I blocked out some childhood trauma that occurred at the same time. It makes me want to puke, and I have to leave the room.

This Quicktime video may have cured my phobia. (Not for work.)


The Atheologist said...

This is a much better ending. But I have a question that maybe you Hellbound or someone else can answer for me:

If Charles Schultz was truly an atheist, (as I have heard repeated so many times), how could he have had or wanted to have anything to do with this Christian propaganda baloney in the first place?

Steve said...

Heh, that was funny.

breakerslion said...

Charlie Schultz had a lot of interesting qualities. One of those qualities was knowing the value of a buck. I think he would have liked this if he were alive, and then he would have sued. I have not laughed that hard since I saw Snoopy march a naked Charlie Brown out onto a frozen pond and beat him with a two-by-four... on South Park. I know what you mean about feeling physically ill. I think I would rather gargle with corn syrup than watch the original.