Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mondo Diablo 38: BAD BIBLE

Selections from the Bad Book

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1. Dung Mix—Bad Bible
2. Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers
3.Alleee 1
4. Stu Phillips—Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
5. God--Blows Purge—Bad Bible
6. Ray Anthony—Samba de Orfeu
7. BIM—The Apple
8. God--Burn You Child—Bad Bible
9. Neil Richardson—The Riviera Affair—Sound Gallery
10. Vicki Carr—It Must be Him
11. God--Drink and Vomit—Bad Bible
12. Nora Orlandi—Soho--Colpo Rovente
13. Joe Beard—What Does a Bad Person Look Like?
14. God--Eat Her Children—Bad Bible
15. Los Aquarius—Up With People—Hit Parade
16. Jan Turkenburg—50 Ways to do a Cover
17. God—Every Living Thing was Destroyed—Bad Bible
18. Vincent Gemighani—Alice
19. Nora Orlandi—A Doppia Faccia—A Doppia Faccia
20. God—God will Kill All—Bad Bible
21. Walter Scharf—Miss Purdy—The Nutty Professor
22. Mama Cass Elliott—All for Me
23. God—I Will Kill You With the Sword—Bad Bible
24. Bruno Nicolai—Agente Speciale Lk Operazione Re Mida
25. Baby Jane Holzer—Rapunzel
26. God—Infants Dashed—Bad Bible
27. Karl Heinz Schafer—Kidnapping—Shake Sauvage
28. Frankie Lane and Jimmy Boyd—Old Man
29. God—Kill them All—Bad Bible
30. Jimmie McGriff-Miss Poopie—Electric Funk
31. Jackson Sisters—Rockin' On my Porch
32. Israelites—Praise the Murderous Lord—Bad Bible
33. Shirley Bassey Wild Oscar Mix—Big Spender
34. The Fun and Games—We
35. God—How do you Atone for Menstruation?—Bad Bible

Download all ye who dare face God's Wrath


So and So said...

HIYA!! I just want to let you know how much I LOVE MONDO DIABLO!!!
Thank you, thank you for making it!! I soooo look forward to it!!!

Anonymous said...

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