Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Vox Populi: Episode 20

Episode 20

The Questions:

1. What do you think about choosing a belief system based less on the basis of logic than the perceived moral implications of the belief system or its antithetical?

2. Why do atheists support democracy, when democracy invariably marginalizes atheists? Doesn't that make as little sense as "gay Christians"?

3. What do you think of the concept of "theistic evolution"?

4. Do you find it easier to talk to, or debate, theists online or offline?

Our team was : Joey Carlisle, Aaron Kinney, Alex Ramos, Rick Slaten and Francois Tremblay.

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toadaly said...

I often wonder why people give up devotion to one authority (a god perhaps) simply to throw it at another (a government). Democracy seems to work ok, but that's about all you can say in favor of it. Democracy hedges the bets. It's generally neither very good nor very bad - although it can be either.

It seems to me that the world really does live in anarchy, where states are simply the most successful warlords. You would think modern game theory could come up with an optimum form of government.