Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oh, those smug "Personal Relationship" Geeks--I knew I hated them.

So, "Christ Follower," do you hate your parents, and have you left your family? And is the concept of hell a good and wonderful thing? And, do fig trees deserve to be smited? Also, do you wholeheartedly support all laws of Leviticus? "em...er...uh.." Thought so.


C. Andiron said...

Your objections are groundless:
a) the statements about 'hating' were meant in the case of when family members remain godless - one is not supposed to follow their ways. It does not mean 'hate' as in 'being resentful and spiteful'.
b) Of course Hell isn't 'good and wonderful'. The fact of Hell is a necessary result human depravity, rebelliousness and blindness.
c) You're not serious about the fig tree. Don't you trim hedges and eat salads?
d) The ceremonial laws are explicitly abrogated in the NT. They are easily distinguished from the moral laws. That old Charlie Sheen / Dr. Laura gimmick has been debunked for ages now: see http://www.wvss.com/forumc/viewtopic.php?t=27

C. Andiron said...

no, I'm sorry. I was just trolling. I'm an atheist, sorry, I couldn't resist.

Hellbound Alleee said...

Very good--you're really good at using the basic christian desperate dismissals of these objections. I mean, I could say that the fig tree was a joke, because of course I do eat salad. I just don't get angry at it, burn it, salt the earth where the salad veggies grew, and then expect people to worship me for it. As for the fourth objection, I always say, "JOT AND TITTLE, BONEHEAD."

C. Andiron said...

'I always say, "JOT AND TITTLE, BONEHEAD."'

yeah... the ways that commentaries try to get around that are a bit too ad hoc for my taste. Have you ever had Robert M Price on? He's pretty good at showing places where Paul and Jesus aren't quite synched up in their theology. duh, and I meant 'martin sheen'.