Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Comin' Out on YouTube--for real?

I would give this advice: make sure you get all the financial support you can, as a minor, from your parents while you can. This goes for gay kids. Parents are stupid, especially religious ones. They are also dangerous, because they hold an amazing power imbalance over you. They can destroy you, legally, because America and Canada give Special Rights to religious people and parents. Parents hold a preferred status in North America. Keep your mouth shut as well as you can, get that money for college, and then, man, LIVE. Move the hell out and LIVE. Being poor is heaven compared to being stuck at home. Working a shit job is heaven compared to being beaten, sent to youth camp or military school, or trying to work your way through college.

Once you support yourself, there's not shit they can do about you being an atheist, or gay.

Religious Fairyland Believers get really mad, because if you say you're an atheist, it becomes entirely about them. They see it as an assault on them. They couldn't be more wrong, of course. Religious people are very self-centered, and care about feeling good and being right. They are also a very frightened people. Their religion is based on the hedonism of heaven and the threat of hell. And here you go, saying you're an atheist, and, as they see it, accusing their lives of meaning nothing. Accusing them of living a lie. You have to kind of humour them, mollycoddle them.

Make peace, get the support you have rightfully coming to you as their child, and get the fuck out as soon as you're eighteen, or seventeen, or whatever the age of consent is where you live.


breakerslion said...

The kid looks like an actor friend of mine did when we were both much younger. This feels like a scene from an acting project. Still, good advice. Don't provoke the inmates that are running the asylum.

Harry said...

Idk ... it seemed pretty darn real to me. Parents really do tend to act like that

Stew said...

I got the impression that it was being filmed by another family member - a brother or sister, who put the camera down when things started to get hairy.

The dad sitting there saying nothing.

It seems genuine to me. If faked, the dad may have had some dialog.