Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy S'Mores of July!


Marc_L said...

First off, I'd like to confess that I am in fact kind of strange for responding to a post that was made over a year ago. But I'm bored today, so here I am.

Second, I have a question. Frank mentioned that George Washington said the red in the flag represented the British Empire; do you have by any chance a link with research on that? My understanding was that the red represented the blood of the revolutionaries.

Finally, I have to say that I do believe in what the American flag is supposed to stand for, and I was in no way offended by Frank burning a printout of it.

I can't say I wouldn't be offended if he had burned a real one, because I've never seen it happen. Intellectually, I support a person's right to do that sort of thing, even if I may not agree with them.

I would also like to comment (ok, the above wasn't really as "finally" as I'd said it would be) that I've done some research into Market Anarchy since finding your site. I can't say I'm totally convinced that it could work for a planet with a population of 6 billion (if we could get all governments to agree to disband themselves), or really for any large group.



P.S. I also thought the musical interpretation of the Star Spangled Banner was quite nice. It's an arrangement I've never heard before.

HellboundAlleee said...

the flag reference was from wikipedia. The story is that the flag colors were taken from Britain's flag, and that on the Union Jack, red stood for "hardiness and valor." Spilled blood sounds like Reagan's idea: "The colors of our flag signify the qualities of the human spirit we Americans cherish: red for courage and readiness to sacrifice; white for pure intentions and high ideals; and blue for vigilance and justice."

As far as getting all countries to disband themselves, well, this is a moral position, not a fantasy one! Besides, why would that be a necessity for a person to live in an anarchistic society? There have been many societies that were anarchistic, (Iceland, Ireland, several groups in Africa) and indeed they were in a world filled with monarchies and all the other associated archies.

What an interesting assumption!

Cheers as well!