Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Weird case of "Mircea vs God"

God, sued by Romanian convict

After two years of debates, Romanian prosecutors stoped the investigations in weird case of “Mircea vs God”.

In 2005, Pavel Mircea, who serve for 20 years in prison for murder, sued God because He did’nt protected him from troubles, as He promises at christening time, and the God left him to Satan, who stimulate him for murder.

Additionally, Mircea accused God for bribery and fraud and asked back the money spended with candles and religious services.

The attorney decided don’t begin the criminal investigation versus God. They argumentated God don’t have a residence where the Prosecutor’s Office send a subpoena.

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Adi said...

Great find :D

breakerslion said...

Cowards! Religious tools! The attorney should have delivered the subpoena to the church where Micea was baptized. God is everywhere, right? Then when God failed to appear in cour, he should have whipped out another suit against the church for fraud. Therein lies the root of Micea's demon belief and insanity.