Saturday, January 05, 2008

Episode 99: Funtastic Fundie Funnies

Don't Kill Us, O Lord


1- David Rollins, City Business Church
Alleee 1
Mel Brooks’ High Anxiety * If You Love Me Baby, Tell Me LOUD
2- fldpan,
Charles the Bartender * It’s Althight Now
Baretta Theme * Don’t Do It
3- AV1611VET, Christian Forums
Bert Kaemfert * Danke Shoen
Love is a Heart-On * Woman of Pleasure
4- Ia Orana, MSN Miss Manners
Pat Morris * We’re Diabetic
Chuck Aherns and the Cannonballs * American Party Song
5- Shelby Corbitt,
Speed Racer Incidental Music
Kenny Meyer * Purple
6- Sassedenough,
Betty Harris and Jack Arthur * Stashu Pendowski
Charles Stephen Page * Armaggeddon
7- Tom Halvorsen, The Joplin Globe
Dennis Farnon and his Orchestra * Rhumba Medley
Carson Robison and his Pleasant Valley Boys * That Horse Named Pete
8- Just try to touch my hat, Yahoo! Answers
Lew Childe * Jig Time
Larry and Shirley * The Cuckoo
9- Anonymous, Dwindling In Unbelief
Henry Mancini * Moanin’
Keith Michell * Palaces of Fun
10- Kas, Christian Forums
Steve Bent * Doobie Dow Song
11- Cam Sheets, facebook
Alleee 2

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Unknown said...

Can't help but love those Fundies!