Sunday, May 04, 2008

Episode 128: How to Good-bye Depression (if you constrict anus 100 times everyday)

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Constrict Anus 1
Alleee 1
Camarata with the Mike Sammes Singers * Doctor Dolittle
Constrict Anus 2
Sid Dale * Disco A Go Go
Shirley Bassey * Fools Rush In
Constrict Anus 3
Sweet Little Band/Pink Floyd * Wish You Were Here
Ray Conniff Singers * People Will Say We're in Love
Constrict Anus 4
Keith Mansfield * Sporting Highlights
Dee D. Jackson * S.O.S
Constrict Anus 5
Walter Schumann * Bird of Paradise
Lorraine Bowen * Pavarotti Can't Read Music
Constrict Anus 6
Ted Atking and his Orchestra * New Deal
Do the Fonz
Constrict Anus 7
Caravelli * En Pensant a Kafka
Chris Ligon * Crazy Dazy
Constrict Anus 8
El sonido mágico de Waldo de los Ríos * Los molinos de tu espíritu
Carson Robison * We're Gonna Have to Slap the Dirty Little Japs
Constrict Anus 9
Mike Batt * Superfly
Carolina Cotton * Yodel Yodel Yodel
Constrict Anus 10
Alleee 2

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