Saturday, May 24, 2008

Episode 133: The Most Unwanted Music: Dave Soldier and Komar & Melamid

USA's Most Wanted Painting

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People's Choice Paintings

This American Life show: Numbers

Song Personelle

Soprano: Dina Emerson
Speaking vocal: Nina Mankin
Children: Emma Ensign, Kate Polsky, Max Polsky
Piccolo/flute: Elissa Kleeman
Harmonica: Wade Schuman
Bagpipe: David Watson
Accordion: Yuri Lemeshev
Harp: Margerie Fitts
Organ: Mary Bopp
Banjo: Dave Soldier
Tuba: David Grego
Percussion: Christine Bard
Bass drum: Komar & Melamid
Conductor: Norman Yamada


Unwanted 1
Alleee 1

Thom Pace * Virgin in Love
Least Wanted 2
Tilsley Orchestral * The Power Game
The Mar-Kets * Surfers' Stomp
Least Wanted 3
Max Greger & Sein orchester * Soul House
Phil Harris * The Thing
Least Wanted 4
The Synthesizer Sound Machine * Telstar
Silly Symphonies * Cow-Cow Boogie
Least Wanted 5
Teletubbies * Say Eh-Oh
Strong Bad * It's Over
Least Wanted 6
Orchester Horst Jankowski * Pata Pata
Rutland Weekend Songbook * 24 Hours in Tumbridge Wells
Least Wanted 7
The Treble Spankers * Shot in the Dark
Rodolfo Chikilicuatre * Baila el ChikiChiki
Least Wanted 8
Eddie Barclay & His Orchester * Boum Bada Boum
Tammy St. John * Boys
Least Wanted 9
Helmut Zacharias * Always Something There to Remind Me
Fr. David * Il Est Plus Facile
Least Wanted 10
Alleee 2

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