Saturday, June 21, 2008

Episode 139: The God Delusion-A Taste

What a sexy beast he is!!!

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The God Hypothesis 01
Alleee 1
Bob Crosby's Bobcats * You're Bound to Look Like a Monkey
The God Delusion 1
James Clarke * Blow-Up a-Go-Go
George W Bush Singers * Embetterment Ingrinable
God Delusion 2
ABCN 76f
Love Unlimited * I Can't Let Him Down
God Delusion 3
Jim of Seattle * Welcome
Oded Gross * Because of the Gays
God Delusion 4
Jean-Jacques Perrey * E.V.A
Robert Alberg * Snow Melting Away
God Delusion 5
Herbie Hancock * Bring Down the Birds
Pierre Henry * Psych-Rock
Ronnie Reason * Why Don't Bees go to Heaven
God Delusion 6
Billy Vaughn * Telstar
Sister Bertha Bangers * Fundie Undies
God Delusion 7
The Swingle Singers * Badinierie
Jay Spears * Smack Dem Christians Down
God Delusion 8
Les de Merle * A Day in the Life
God Delusion 9
Alleee 2

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PLUNKER said...

One of life's greatest pleasures is to log on to the Hellbound Alleee blog and find a new episode of Mondo Diablo awaiting download! What a letdown to find dead silence after little more than 7 minutes of play!?

HellboundAlleee said...

Working on it now

HellboundAlleee said...

Should be up and running.

PLUNKER said...

Thanks, Alleee. I appologize for the sarcasm.

Quantum_Flux said...

Hehehehe! Get it for free, I'm sure Dawkin's wouldn't mind!