Friday, August 01, 2008

Episode 149: More Dumb Christians


Abstinance Pants
Alleee 1
A.J. Marshall * You've Made me so Very Happy
A Christian Gets Told
American Woman
The J's with Jamie * But Not For Me
Edward Current * Christian Checkmate!
Shiro Michi All-Stars * Mas Qe Nada
Bobby Troupe * Snootie Little Cutie
Atheist Experience * How Do Atheists Stay Alive? 1
Jean-Jacques Perrey * An Elephant Never Forgets
Wing * Highway to Hell
A Christian Gets Told 2
Roy Smeck * Tiger Rag
Brad Reddekopp (No Deity) * Looking for my Brain
Edward Current * Christian Checkmate 2
Gershon Kingsley * Paperback Writer
Divine * I'm So Beautiful
Atheist Experience * How do Atheists Store Energy 2
Les Brown * Wave
Eddie Sosby and the Radio Rangers * Oh Why Did I Ever Milk Cows
Edward Current * Christian Checkmate 3
Bruce Haack * Popcorn
Jean-Pierre & Nathalie * Amour, eau claire et Tupperware
Atheist Experience * How Do Atheists Store Energy 3
Ted Atking and his Orchestra * I Dream of You
Jonathan and Darlene Edwards * Stayin' Alive
Atheist Experience * How Do Atheists Store Energy 4
Cinemoog * Midnight Cowboy
Michel Héron * Amélie
Alleee 2

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