Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Perhaps it's time to take marriage away--not from straight people, but from the government.

We can already take it away from churches, if we want to.

Don't forget that the problem is we want civil rights, which means we want the government to NOT take away rights that are supposed to be "self-evident," meaning natural rights.

That's right, people, rights are natural. The government does not graciously invent rights out of the goodness of its heart and give them to us. They SAY that they are there to "protect our rights," when really it's there to say "we gave you your rights; now we can take them away! Suckers!"

Come ON, people, say BULLSHIT to that!! The government has no real, natural, actual right to meddle in our love lives and our sex lives! Neither does the Church, we knew that YEARS ago!

It's called passive resistance. But straights and clueless Pinks and Normals have to be bitch-slapped out of complacency to figure out where their own asses are. Take their "marriages" away, and make them figure out that our relationships and our property rights are our responsibility, and no group of people, no matter what uniform or monkey suit they wear has the right to take it from us, no matter how many dumbasses "voted" for it!


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PLUNKER said...

I've got the perfect solution to this dilema! These people who know what's right and what's wrong and who never disappoint god while having sex, should have webcams installed in their bedrooms so that the rest of us can watch and learn and become just as perfect as they are. Surely this would not be too much of a sacrifice to help the rest of us.