Saturday, February 07, 2009

Episode 184: Kickin' God to da Kurb Part 5


Alleee 1
Letting Go 45
Jean Jacques Perrey * The Rose and the Cross
Bruce Haack & Ed Harvey * Child Psychologist
Letting Go 46
Francis Lai * Bestial Theme
Vocomotion * Time
Letting Go 47
Luis E.Bacalov * Lamica
Jamie and the J. Silvia Singers * It's Not Unusual
Letting Go 48
All-Star Orchestra * I'm Henry the Eighth I Am
Patience & Pridence * Tom Thumb's Theme
Letting Go 49
Torero Band * Abide With Me
Bart Simpson Promotes Scientology Event on Voicemail
Letting Go 50
April Orchestra * Ha-Ri-Ah
Joey Dixon * Moon Buggy
Letting Go 51
Ananda Shankar * Jumpin' Jack Flash
Keith Burgun * Oh Nine Eff Nine (a code to crack software DRM feature)
Letting Go 52
Cristina * Is That All There Is?
Stayin' Inside
Letting Go 53
Syd Dale * Ready Steady Boogaloo
The Fabulous Echoes * Sukiyaki
Letting Go 54
Roger Wolfe Kahn and his Bitmore Orchestra * A Cup of Coffee a Sandwich and You
Phil Harris * The Preacher and the Bear
Alleee 2


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