Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mondo Diablo Episode 211: Meditations on Self-Awareness with Rev. Antonio Agpaoa

From the 365 Days Project on WFMU:

Tony Agpaoa was the man called the "Father of Psychic Surgery", the practice of curing the infirmed without scalpel or drugs, but faith in God. Many of these so-called healers have been shown to use slight of hand tricks to remove cancerous tumors of pig guts and chicken blood. Agpaoa became a star of sorts when hundreds of suffering people (generally rich tourists) came to him for help at his Bagio City, Philippines office during the 60's.

Although "healing" many people, whenever he or a family member got ill, it has been documented that he had more faith in a U.S. hospital than his own clinic. While in the States in 1967,he was arrested for fraud but jumped bond and went home where he continued his work till his death in 1982 from a stroke.

On this album, we hear the Reverend himself explain in his own soothing voice how we can heal our body and spirit through self-awareness and oneness with the Universal Mind.


Self-Awareness 1
Alleee 1
Enoch Light and his Orchestra * Istanbul
Duke Ellington * Runnin' Wild
self-Awareness 2
Walter Murphy * A Fifth of Beethoven
Emmène * Moi au Bout du Monde
Self-Awareness 3
Poncho Sanchez * Soul Sauce (Guachi Guara)
Grandpamini * Russians Like to Move It too
Self-Awareness 4
Skitch Henderson * Mood Indigo
Fats Waller * Loveless Love
Self-Awareness 5
Enoch Light and his Orchestra * Yaya
Fanfarlo * If it is Growing
Self-Awareness 6
Glenn Miller's Uptown Hall Gang * Pennies from Heaven
Kit Ream * Don't Be So Holy Roly Poly on my Souly
Self-Awareness 7
Jean-Jacques Perrey * Soirée Chez Jean-Sébastien
Darwin Gross * Oh How I Love the Blessed Sugmad
Self-Awareness 8
James Clarke * Boogaloo Smith
Russ David * All of my Life
Self-Awareness 9
Michel Legrand * Alcatraz
Glen Beck is an Idiot
Self-Awareness 10
Alleee 2


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